How I Wash My Hair While Wearing A Weave

sometimes get asked by the bold and the curious if I wash my hair while wearing extensions? The answer: Of course I wash my hair! What do I look like, a stray cat? Just because you have been hooked up with the flyest, illest and...

Teyana Taylor Launches Hair Extensions Line

There’s one thing that will always stand out on Teyana Taylor, and that’s her hair.  Whether weave or natural, it’s always making a bold statement. Now the singer has launched her first hair extensions line with My Extensionz, called “Taylored Textures”. Taylor was inspired by a cancer-stricken...

Tyra Banks Sues Wig Makers

Tyra Banks is a business woman and knows her rights when it comes to her brand. The  America’s Next Top Model host filed a lawsuit against ten wig-making companies that are illegally using her “name, photograph, image, and identity to sell items like The Yaki straight [Tyra-Banks...

Recycled News Story About “Maggot Weaves” May Be a Hoax

Imagine finding out that a severe headache you’ve been having was caused by maggots in your hair. Sounds too good to be true right? That story was originally reported by the Kenyan Standard, which after being picked up by a variety of media outlets around the world was...

Protective Styling Choice for Naturals: Heat Free Movement

I’ve been natural since 1994 and have gone through different stages of styles.  I’ve had everything from a barbershop cut, to a super huge wash and go but I never shied away from wearing a weave as a protective styling choice.  When I did choose...
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A Black Hair Glossary, From A Woman Who’s Tired Of People Trying To Pet Her

Growing up, I was the only black girl in school. Actually, all my siblings and I were the only persons of color in our respective grades, for the most part. That all changed in high school, though. I believe I was one of three black...

4 Internet Hair Companies You Should Know

Nowadays, a fresh, laid weave or wig is the go-to style for many ladies. Hitting up the local beauty supply store to find the newest weave collection is becoming an old school routine as ladies are hopping on the ‘net to find their weave fix....

Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Kimble Used 7 Bags of Hair For Oprah’s Afro

When you need to create a 3.5-pound afro for Oprah, it’s best to call in reinforcements. Enter celebrity hairstyle Kim Kimble. The hair guru who whips Beyoncé, Shakira and Brandy’s locks into shape collaborated with Lady O’s hair guy Andre to top O magazine with an...

Would You Buy A Wendy Williams Wig?

Wendy Williams has officially stepped foot into the beauty realm with Hair World, a 56-piece collection of wigs, weaves and hairpieces. But don’t jump the gun, ladies. The controversial talk show host only let off an early peek at 12 styles ranging from $49.99 to $999,...

A Guy’s Guide To A Girl’s Personal Fashion and Beauty Business

There’s two types of guys in this world: the private investigator who seeks to uncover every single beauty and fashion secret and the Mr. Man who accepts that a little ignorance about all-things-girl can be bliss. I, myself, prefer the latter. Don’t get it twisted,...
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