30 Highlight Color Ideas for Relaxed and Natural Hair

Coloring your hair is a big commitment and can be super-drying so highlights can be a great option. You can do a few tendrils in the front, highlight just the tips, do a shock of color in the back, the choices are endless. Here are...

Open Thread: How Old Were You When You Received Your First Relaxer?

Recently a girlfriend complained to me about how she’s contemplating giving her 9 year old a relaxer. I couldn’t help but to look at her like she was crazy. Typically I don’t care what grown women do to their hair, but I do have an...

Have a Seat: Lolo Jones Told a Fan She Needed a Relaxer To Be Her for Halloween

Lolo Jones sure isn’t making any fans via social media these days. The disgraced track and field star drew the ire of social media users when she told a fan who dressed up as her for Halloween that she needed a relaxer. The comment angered...

A Black Hair Glossary, From A Woman Who’s Tired Of People Trying To Pet Her

Growing up, I was the only black girl in school. Actually, all my siblings and I were the only persons of color in our respective grades, for the most part. That all changed in high school, though. I believe I was one of three black...

Three Tips To Combat Hair Envy

As much as I’d hate to admit it, I often find myself lusting over the luscious, larger-than-life curls naturalistas like Elle Varner, MyNaturalSistas and a ton of others rock on Instagram. Enamored with everything from their volume and size to their various hair textures, I...
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5 Swim Ready Hairstyles

Braid Bun or Braids

5 Hair Tips (No Matter The Texture)

No matter the texture or style, all of our hair has a basic need for a few things. Click through our list and see if it matches up with your list of must-have hair tips.

10 Beauty and Hair Ideas To Try Now

Click through this gallery of hair and beauty ideas for anyone and everyone, a braid here, a twist there, a cat-eye, a pink lip…

What A Relaxer is Really Doing To Your Hair (Video)

It’s common knowledge that relaxers or perms are chemically altering to our hair. However, many women choose to relax their hair to achieve straightened locks that won’t revert to curly. While it is certainly every woman’s prerogative to do what she chooses with her hair, education is...

5 Straight Medium-Length Styles

There’s nothing like a fresh blow-out and as the weather warms up you may be thinking about a medium-length cut for easier styling. Here are some looks to get you inspired.
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