Crochet Braids 101: Hair, Style Inspiration, Care and Hair Growth Benefits

There are so many ways to rock artificial hair or added hair and with such a surge in the usage it appears it’s not going away anytime soon. More women (including naturals) are giving added hair a try for various reasons. Some say it’s a...

30 Highlight Color Ideas for Relaxed and Natural Hair

Coloring your hair is a big commitment and can be super-drying so highlights can be a great option. You can do a few tendrils in the front, highlight just the tips, do a shock of color in the back, the choices are endless. Here are...

Say What? FUBU Has Natural Hair Line

Yep the urban streetwear brand that included casual pieces, suits, and accessories has transitioned to haircare. FUBU’s Natural Style offers 10 sulfate- and paraben-free products, each containing organic shea butter and essential oils from virgin olive and coconut, argan, sweet almond, avocado, jojoba, bamboo and...

My Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair

I have this love hate relationship with my natural hair. Overall, I think she’s ungrateful. You see, I’ve nurtured her, named her (Juicy), moisturized her and all she does is give me tangles and too much time in the shower. It’s like a slap in...

Tamron Hall Shows Off Her Natural Hair

NBC’s Tamron Hall recently came out as a naturalista, showing off her curly hair while vacationing in South Africa. Hall, who is the first Black woman to co-host the NBC Nightly News, recently let it be known that she rocks her curly tresses when she’s...
Castor-Oil-300x250 (1)

How-To: Oil Rinse and Why You Should

We’ve told you about the importance of co-washing your hair using a no-poo formula but when you want to shampoo (like the model to the right), oil rinsing is a great way to revitalize hair after the process. Even if you’re just co-washing, there are several benefits...

Considering Sisterlocks? Here Are The Pros and Cons

Women looking for a uniquely beautiful hairstyle are turning to Sisterlocks, relatively tiny and uniform locks founded in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. The locks are created using a trademarked locking technique: a precision parting grid and a special tool that place the hair into...

V.O.T.D: Natural Hair Nazi Song

We’ve all seen them online. On YouTube. On the blogs. Those natural hair Nazis who take hair just a little too seriously. Youtuber and natural hair wearer, glamfun, made a song especially them!

I Don’t Do Afros: 4 Alternatives That Keep My Natural Hair Knot-Free

If I let my hair flow free, it would become one solid dreadlock. There’s this idea going around that black girls should all drop their weaves and relaxers and start rocking afros. When you Google “black girl natural hair” 19.5 out of the first twenty...

Have a Seat: Lolo Jones Told a Fan She Needed a Relaxer To Be Her for Halloween

Lolo Jones sure isn’t making any fans via social media these days. The disgraced track and field star drew the ire of social media users when she told a fan who dressed up as her for Halloween that she needed a relaxer. The comment angered...
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