Make Your Own Lipstick Out Of Crayons!

There was a period of my life when I would cover my body in gray paint and dress up as characters from a web comic. That period is now, thankfully, over. At least for that particular web comic, that is. (Photo taken by Troy Antoine...

What Size Am I? How Vanity Sizing Is Taking the Fun out of Shopping

As a fashion-minded woman, shopping literally is therapy for me. Whether it be done in a brick and mortar store or online, the thrill I get out of purchasing something I truly love and will wear for years is an amazing experience, second to none....

A,B,C: What ARE these Alphabet Creams, Anyway?

After getting a shitload of “Which one do I use?” questions from friends, I feel like it might be time to define industry buzz terms like “AA,” “BB” and “CC” creams.

Bag of Tricks: How My Purse Saves the Day

Satchel. Crossbody. Baguette. Tote. Hobo. Messenger. Bucket. Bowler. Clutch. Whichever style it is – whichever color, fabric, or hardware selected – a woman’s purse is a tool that prepares her to take life by the horns. You see, as a Coco chick, each day you...

Are Black Womens Magazines Dying?

When former Essence editor Constance White claimed that the historic magazine can’t honor its commitment to black women while stifled by the powers-that-be at Time Inc., she only echoed complaints many of us have heard around water coolers and in hair salons for years. The...
Castor-Oil-300x250 (1)

You May Be Allergic To Your Natural Hair Products

I’ve been natural since 1994, way before there were 50 billion blogs and YouTube tutorials dissecting the natural hair “movement”.  Everything I learned about my hair was done through trial and error. Plenty of errors, as a matter of fact. Up until this past year,...

Crushing On Her Curls: Beauty blogger McKenzie Renae

Curls have been running the world lately, and that’s one reason you’ll love curly girl McKenzie Renae. She kicked off her beauty blog adventures in 2010 and has inspired a legion of readers by keeping ladies up to date on the latest beauty news, style...

Five Ways to Keep Your Weave Fresh

There’s nothing worse than a weave that’s unkempt. Matted hair with visible new growth and tracks will definitely get you a side eye. Whether you’re keeping late nights studying for that Master’s degree, a busy mom, or just a boss, you probably got that weave to...

Wrap It Up: Nail Wraps to Try

Nail wraps win because they don’t take 45 minutes to dry (they’re dry when you put them on), they don’t take forever to remove and damage your nail bed like shellac/gel nails (most brands are made with real nail polish, so a few swipes of...
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