The MetroCard Manicure: How To Beautify Your Nails With Your MTA Plastic

You can go to town on your nails with the thing that lets you literally go to town. I’ve been prone to do things in public that I should probably do at home. Like put on my makeup on the train. Or eat while walking down...

4 Things You Can Do With A $2 Bag Of Ground Turmeric

How to use this golden powder like they do in my motherland. I’m glad I was born Indian. I’d be very upset if the cuisine of my foremothers wasn’t the best cuisine in the world, which it is. Thai and Italian are close contenders, but the robust,...

Hey Jay-Z, You’d Probably Be Profiled At Barneys If You Were Just A Regular Shawn Carter From Marcy

Barneys has been catching a lot of flack recently when two major profiling stories hit the news. First there was 19-year-old, Trayon Christian who was arrested after the NYPD accused him of using a fraudulent credit card when he purchased his Ferragamo belt.  After Christian’s...

Black Buying Power & Why Fashion Brands Should Market To Us

In Nielsen’s 2013 African-American consumer report, appropriately title “Resilient, Receptive & Relevant“, statistics show that of the $75 billion spent on television, magazine, Internet, and radio advertising, only $2.24 billion of it was spent with media focused on Black audiences.  Obviously there’s a disparity between what  black consumers...

Curl Pattern: Understanding Your Hair Texture Means Getting Better Results

It’s commonly forgotten by many beauty professionals, companies and publications that hair type and curl pattern are not exclusive to one ethnicity. And if it is commonly forgotten by professionals, then imagine how behind the general public is on this knowledge. I want everyone to...
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Learning to Take a Compliment

Compliments are a weird thing. Last week I cut off all of my hair. It wasn’t “the big chop” in the transitioning to natural hair kind of way. But I went from having locs to being bald. More than people’s reaction to my hair, I...

A Beyoncé Concert, Reverse Ombré, And Freakum: Let Me Explain

To prepare for The Queen’s appearance, one must not simply throw on flip-flops and foundation. And no, I don’t mean this queen. Or that one. I am referring, of course, to Our Lady of Honey Blonde Beach Waves and Hip Thrusts, Beyoncé Knowles Carter, whose...

The Next New Thing In Nail Art

I’m going to try not to get into a major discussion on tattoos right now. I could go on. And on. I have strong feelings about dudes’ tattoos; I guess tattoos have more of a “sexy” connotation to me than any other kind. I’m not...

I Just Got Braids And Folks Have Opinions

In an ideal world everyone would grasp that what’s in a woman’s head matters far more than what is on it. Sadly, we’re a long way away from being in an ideal world.

Beauty Lessons From Guys I’ve Slept With

No need to hook up with these 5 guys to get their unwitting beauty tips--I did that for you!
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