XrayHeel Stilettos connote fierceness, stature and style. Grown women wear high heels. Ladies wear heels and at some point in a young girl’s womanhood she will feel the allure of high heels. When I was coming of age, nearing adulthood, I wanted to wear high heels because that’s what my friends did and it meant you were grown-up.

Sneakers and flip-flops were child’s play and if you could walk in a pair of women’s shoes you were indeed on your way.

As I came to love fashion, high heels became a standard part of my style repertoire. A pair of proper shoes made you elegant and you walked with a measure gait; smooth and steady. But the opposite was also true. If you were not accustomed to wearing heels it could be a disastrous experiment. We’ve all seen the girl hobbling in her 5-inch heels. Hell, we’ve probably been her from time to time.

Somewhere between the avant style of the 80’s, the low-key nature of the 90s and the sexed up 00’s, high heels took on a new life. Transforming from walk-able wear, heel heights skyrocketed and Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choos became the footwear of choice of fashion-forward ladies.

While I still love a spindly stiletto, I also understand the practicality of shoes. Call it growing pains, but the other day I looked at my shoe collection and noticed that I wear approximately 30% of my shoes; the other 70% high heels that barely see the light of day. When I was running wild buying every heel in sight I never thought about how unfeasible heels are.

Now I know plenty of ladies that can wear 5-inch heels like it’s their day job. But I’ve come to grips that I don’t have a chauffeured car nor am I Carrie Bradshaw and while heels are great for dancing they are not all day footwear. Now I’m mixing in wedges and cute flats. While sneakers are making a comeback, I’ve yet to venture to that side of the shoe spectrum.

I’ve loved heels since I was able to wear them and while I don’t plan to forfeit all my vertiginous heels I’m taking measured steps toward a more integrated shoe wardrobe.

What are your thoughts on wearing heels? Are you a 6-inch strutter or do you prefer more practical footwear?


  • RenJennM

    Five and half inch heels and taller! They compliment my short, 5’3″ height nicely. But I do wear shorter heels sometimes, if the shoes are really cute. And of course, in my Air Force dress blues, our heels can’t be any taller than 2.5 inches.

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