Fun-Shopping (1)
Finally a study that shows that I am not alone. According to a survey commissioned by the Huffington Post it seems that one in three Americans uses shopping or the aptly titled “retail therapy” to relieve stress and anxiety. While this may not be news to us here at Coco & Creme, who love shopping, it is news that people who use shopping as a coping mechanism are also prone to using other methods to deal with pain and stress.

The survey also discovered that those who shop to deal with stress are also more likely to exercise or eat to cope as well as worry about their weight. While partaking in a bit of retail therapy from time to time may not be harmful, it’s the constant and compulsive need to shop that is dangerous and financial experts recommend leaving major credit cards at home, unsubscribing from sales newsletter and cutting back on shopping with friends to curb impulsive behavior.

Are you a “stress shopper”? Do you partake in retail therapy?