Artifical Nails When I was younger my mother got her nails done every two weeks. It was a ritual of going to the nail salon and I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to sit in the chair and get my nails done.

When I did finally reach the age (I think late high school) it became a ritual that followed me all the way through college. Every two weeks, like clockwork, I went to the nail salon and either got a refill on my acrylic nails or got an entirely new full set put on. The drilling, the filing and the chemicals wreaked havoc on my nails, not to mention my improper removal of my tips. I bite, clipped and pulled my fake nails off, always exposing rifts and strips in my nail bed.

And I would have continued with the damage, had I not had an eye-opening experience at the nail salon. On one particular trip I sat with an inexperienced nail technician who applied tons of force on my nails, pulled my hands, drilled too hard and ultimately cause me to have a blood clot under one of my nails. The time had come to ditch my beloved fake nails.

While I haven’t returned to acrylic nails since, opting for natural or Gel polish, the acrylic nail trend has returned. With nails reaching new heights and points (stiletto nails, anyone) and nail art making a huge comeback, fake nails on here to stay. And with the new trend comes my itch to go back to the ease and polish of fake nails.

While there are concerns about the damage fake nails can do to the health of your nails, cuticle and hands, it can’t be denied that with fake nails your style lasts and you can go longer in between salon visits. Where a manicure can chip anywhere from 2-3 days from polish, fake nails rarely ever chip (in my experience)

After my nightmare experience I don’t think I’ll ever go back to acrylic nails. I will however stalk my Instagram and style blogs for nail inspiration to keep my nail lust at bay.

Where do you fall on the natural vs fake nail issue? Do you have a love/hate relationship with fake nails? 


  • Tsaun

    I haven’t worn fake nails in years. And believe it or not have never had the desire to return. They are bad for ones nails and the gel is said to possibly cause cancer…. I’m good with my own nails. Thanks for the article!

  • gimz

    I have had fake nails only twice in my life. Once when I was 13. I got and fixed them myself (long story when my mum saw it.) And secondly when I was 23 at a beauty fair and I hated my nails after I took of the acrylics because I have natural strong and beautiful nails. Took me about 4 months to grow out the thin out nails caused by the acrylics. Since then almost 8 years now. My natural nails are never better. I can grow them to any desired length. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But my hair is a different story.

  • gimz

    As for polish. I use loreal ordinary polish and it last a little over a week on my finger nails which I then take off and use clear polish for the extra days. But my toe nails always makes the 2 weeks.

  • Angela

    I get Shellac manicures on my natural nails. The Shellac goes on like nail polish & the Manis last for 2wks plus. Its a mucch more natural look

  • Kamelia

    300 days out of the year I wear my natural nails which rarely grow long as I work with my hands. But on those other 65 days I wear Kiss impress Press-On Manicure nails. NO ONE can tell the difference and you need no skill to apply them. They are nice for special occasions, take only a few minutes to put on and last up to a week.

  • http://mavis-musings-music.blogspot.co.uk/ Mavis

    As my mum always taught me, acrylics are never good for your natural nails.
    So i’ve never had fake nails, but i have definitely considered them, since I wear nail varnish all the time (and it always chips within about 2 days).
    For me, the health of my nails is always the most important thing. And i know for some people, acrylics aren’t an issue. But i know that i would get impatient and lazy and end up ruining my nails. So i think that i’ll be sticking with my natural nails !!

  • MiMi Shell

    Had a girl in my office that was getting over an infection….on ALL ten fingers. It looked sooo nasty!!! And I have a friend who was getting fake nails put on her big toe….she went to the doctor because her big toe (on both feet) have gotten huge. She says she’s having problems wearing shoes. The doctor didn’t know how to proceed :(
    Leave dem nails alone!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/chroniclesofbrokeness chroniclesofbrokeness

    I love this blog OMG i’m so happy I came across it , it now apart of my morning routine !!!!!! During my lunch i’m soaking off these bad boy’s i just want to try something funky manicure were becoming boring

  • Miss A

    I have acrylic nails now and I keep them low and natural colored (French or Cotton Candy color). I take them off twice a year and wear my own nails, but I hate how fast the polish chips! I may eventually go with my natural nails and try the new polish by Sally Hansen that you peel and apply.

  • Treece

    I get the gel (shellac) manicures every so often. I usually go two weeks on/two weeks off. But I haven’t had acrylics in about three or four years. I stopped once I found out about gel polish. I love the fact that I get to wear a chip free, shiny manicure for 2 wks straight and don’t have to deal with the damage caused by acrylics or the chips-in-two-days regular manicures

  • Alexandria

    Thank you so much for your interesting story! This helps me so much deciding weather or not acrylic nails are good or bad for my overall health. It also helped me personally make the decision weather or not to get them. Also i was wondering since this happened to you a while ago, if you have made the decision to go back to fake nails? Thanks again!