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Artifical Nails When I was younger my mother got her nails done every two weeks. It was a ritual of going to the nail salon and I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to sit in the chair and get my nails done.

When I did finally reach the age (I think late high school) it became a ritual that followed me all the way through college. Every two weeks, like clockwork, I went to the nail salon and either got a refill on my acrylic nails or got an entirely new full set put on. The drilling, the filing and the chemicals wreaked havoc on my nails, not to mention my improper removal of my tips. I bite, clipped and pulled my fake nails off, always exposing rifts and strips in my nail bed.

And I would have continued with the damage, had I not had an eye-opening experience at the nail salon. On one particular trip I sat with an inexperienced nail technician who applied tons of force on my nails, pulled my hands, drilled too hard and ultimately cause me to have a blood clot under one of my nails. The time had come to ditch my beloved fake nails.

While I haven’t returned to acrylic nails since, opting for natural or Gel polish, the acrylic nail trend has returned. With nails reaching new heights and points (stiletto nails, anyone) and nail art making a huge comeback, fake nails on here to stay. And with the new trend comes my itch to go back to the ease and polish of fake nails.

While there are concerns about the damage fake nails can do to the health of your nails, cuticle and hands, it can’t be denied that with fake nails your style lasts and you can go longer in between salon visits. Where a manicure can chip anywhere from 2-3 days from polish, fake nails rarely ever chip (in my experience)

After my nightmare experience I don’t think I’ll ever go back to acrylic nails. I will however stalk my Instagram and style blogs for nail inspiration to keep my nail lust at bay.

Where do you fall on the natural vs fake nail issue? Do you have a love/hate relationship with fake nails? 

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