I’m planning on taking more than a few trips in the next few months (think: weekend getaways with a pool somewhere in the picture, beachy trips down the east coast) so I’m excited about going for a protective style this summer, no doubt about it. What I’ve yet to decide is the exact style; it’s a toss-up between box braids and Senegalese twists. There’s not that much of a difference between the two except for the fact that the braids are bulkier than the twists, which also means that the twists are more flexible to wear up in different hairstyles. And when it comes to removing the hair, the twists are definitely easier to unravel. If you’re considering giving your hair a break this coming sunny season, take a look at this gallery of braids and twists. I’m still on the fence, Clutchettes. Which do you prefer?

  • Angel Brame

    Hi Everyone!!!!
    I am “The Chicago Braid Stylist”
    My styles are featured on instagram @ibraiditwist
    I love a lot of these pics. LOVE this site, first time visiting… impressed. VERY informative.

    I agree that the Senegalese Twists are a much softer look and trendier style.
    They are also very easy to take down.
    They DO however limit the amt of styles….

    You have much more flexibility with the larger braids/twists.
    They style much easier.

    View my pics of both styles (senegalese and box braids) online.

    Feel free to contact me for more information on fb page “The Chicago Braid Stylist”
    or … instagram page @ibraiditwist

    -Angel Brame
    “The Chicago Braid Stylist”

  • Crystal

    jsyk, the last picture is NOT of senegalese twists….they are yarn braids.

    the young lady in the last picture is

    she shows on her blog a page with details on how she did her yarn braids.

  • http://aol vanessa

    Hii ladies i need help its been a year and a half since ive big chopped and i have a fine thick curly hair and need some help on what material would go well with my hair texture i want to get the senegalese twist done for the fall so i dont have to worry about my hair too much as a junior in high school and also are there any places where i can get them done in brooklyn queens r manhattan thanks alot

  • http://don'thaveone Xcinteria Tolen

    How do you do senegalese twist.

  • Amber N. Thomas

    I’m the girl in the upper right corner (more specifically, page 3) with the twists done in a bun. They are actually Havana Twists done with Havana Hair from I did my hair myself… I’m @iamambernthomas on instagram and twitter. Thanks for the feature, CoCo and Creme, even though I had no idea about it until it was all over Pinterest. LOL Happy Holidays Gals :-)

  • FridaKahlo

    Definitely box braids, I love them very much. I have short hair now, but I loved to braid my hair

  • TINA W

    I love the twists. I am finicky and I don’t wear the same hairstyle long, I just want twists for about 2 weeks. So I think the twists are more for me especially since they are easy to take down. Here’s my concern…if you have soft thin hair can one wear the thicker twists without worrying about them falling out??? I’ve had braids just fall on the floor and someone bring it to me…so embarrassing!

  • Jada

    Janet Jacksons braids look horrible in that picture.

  • shawna

    #8 ‘s arm. smh

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