Box Braids vs. Senegalese Twists - Coco & Creme
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I’m planning on taking more than a few trips in the next few months (think: weekend getaways with a pool somewhere in the picture, beachy trips down the east coast) so I’m excited about going for a protective style this summer, no doubt about it. What I’ve yet to decide is the exact style; it’s a toss-up between box braids and Senegalese twists. There’s not that much of a difference between the two except for the fact that the braids are bulkier than the twists, which also means that the twists are more flexible to wear up in different hairstyles. And when it comes to removing the hair, the twists are definitely easier to unravel. If you’re considering giving your hair a break this coming sunny season, take a look at this gallery of braids and twists. I’m still on the fence, Clutchettes. Which do you prefer?

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