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I’m planning on taking more than a few trips in the next few months (think: weekend getaways with a pool somewhere in the picture, beachy trips down the east coast) so I’m excited about going for a protective style this summer, no doubt about it. What I’ve yet to decide is the exact style; it’s a toss-up between box braids and Senegalese twists. There’s not that much of a difference between the two except for the fact that the braids are bulkier than the twists, which also means that the twists are more flexible to wear up in different hairstyles. And when it comes to removing the hair, the twists are definitely easier to unravel. If you’re considering giving your hair a break this coming sunny season, take a look at this gallery of braids and twists. I’m still on the fence, Clutchettes. Which do you prefer?

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  • http://thenutmegdiaries.wordpress.com Kadie!

    I’m wearing box braids right now, and think I’ll be wearing them all summer. I do them myself and though box takes a longer time, they last longer than the Senegalese twists. I’ll get Senegalese twists done professionally in the fall.

  • Lo

    The box braids in these pics are beautiful, but generally I like twists better. They look so soft! I got some done two weeks ago but the hair was terrible so I ended up taking them all out the next day. :-( I think I’m going to try again and maybe do them myself sometime next month.

  • http://mavis-musings-music.blogspot.co.uk/ Mavis

    I’ve been wearing kinky twists for the last few years. They’re great during the winter, and i prefer the way that they look (for me personally). There is something slightly more messy and natural about twists, compared to box braids.
    All the women in the pictures have lovely hair, but box braids are just a bit too bulky for me.

  • Dalili

    Love all the featured hairstyles. I prefer twists, there are so much easier to take down. I just took down some micro Senegalese twists and was contemplating getting them again only bigger this time. The pictures in this article sold me on the idea. Yay! Thank you!

  • ChaCha1

    I have long kinky twists (to my waist) but I used Marley hair instead of the silky stuff. I prefer twists to braids, too. They take less time to put in and take down, cost less, and like someone else said, they look softer and more natural. I like the look of braids a lot, too, but twists win in my opinion.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    I love the look and easy maintenance with twists, even before I thought about going natural twists has always been my favorite hairstyle but right now box braids (on my own hair) is convenient for me now. The styling in these pictures is beautiful and the women are gorgeous!!!

  • DC

    Does anyone know the kind of hair used in the bottom right picture?

  • Treece

    What kind of hair is used for the thicker, puffy Senagalese twists? I am in love with them after seeing them on the girl with the camera! They are beautiful. I want them!

  • Dalili


    Aren’t they gorgeous?! Either Kanekelon or Marley hair. Both are fantastic but I prefer the latter because it’s closer to my hair texture.

  • Treece

    Thanx u!

  • Minameanz

    It depends on if you can redo your twists on your own- if you can, go for the twists.I think theyre more stylish, plus they are MUCH easier to take out. If you can’t touch them up, braids are your best bet- they last for much longer (especially if you like the chunky braid/twist look).

  • RenJennM

    Wow! All of these pictures are beautiful, but that last one is just drop-dead gorgeous. A stunning woman with stunning hair.

    Personally, I’m afraid of braids. I had a bad experience with them when I was kid and haven’t gotten them since. I’ve pretty much sworn off of them. But Senegalese twists look amazing! I’m still terrified of having weave braided into my hair (I think it’s become a phobia for me!), but I may go ahead and try it. Hopefully, the experience will be better now than when I was a kid. I could use a new look anyway.

  • EbonyLolita

    I’m getting the LARGE Senegalese Twists when I take my weave out. I LOVE the look & know they are faster to put in & take out!

  • Danielle

    Those are so pretty what kind of hair is that ? Please let me know

  • Justice

    The last one is yarn braids! ^__^

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  • Micaboo

    I love twists. I just took out my last set of twists and I’m putting some back in this weekend. They are just beautiful and classy to me. I also like how easy they are to style. They are also very easy to install yourself – just check out youtube vids.

  • http://sianthenaturalhairedbaker.wordpress.com sianthebaker

    Twists all the way for me, easier and quicker to install and take down, plus I just love the actual look of a twist instead of a braid.

  • DeAndrea

    In the pictures the box braids look awesome. It looked like most of the Senegalese style twist could also be done with the box braids, just saying.

  • Monica

    I love the look of twists over braids. I used to wear micro braids for years because I had a bad experience with an allergic reaction to the Marley hair. My scalp was badly itching and I swore off of them. However, I’m wearing twists now with Marley hair thanks to YouTube videos. I learned how to remove the alkaline coating off of the hair prior to installing the twists. No itching at all! I prefer twists to braids for all the same reasons ppl already mentioned, plus they feel lighter and look closer to my own natural texture.

  • yaya

    It depends on how tight and well twists are done as well as size as to how long they take and how long they last. They also don’t tend to pull your hair out as much. And they are super easy to take out…if they are done without a “starter braid”

  • jewel

    why compare? they are both beautiful and versatile styles. you have the whole summer where both!

  • http://gravatar.com/brandyreanee brandyreanee

    who is the girl with the box braids?

  • Angel Brame

    Hi Everyone!!!!
    I am “The Chicago Braid Stylist”
    My styles are featured on instagram @ibraiditwist
    I love a lot of these pics. LOVE this site, first time visiting… impressed. VERY informative.

    I agree that the Senegalese Twists are a much softer look and trendier style.
    They are also very easy to take down.
    They DO however limit the amt of styles….

    You have much more flexibility with the larger braids/twists.
    They style much easier.

    View my pics of both styles (senegalese and box braids) online.

    Feel free to contact me for more information on fb page “The Chicago Braid Stylist”
    or … instagram page @ibraiditwist

    -Angel Brame
    “The Chicago Braid Stylist”

  • courtney

    I am so in love with the chunky twists. I currently have in box braids but my next stop will b the twists

  • Von

    how do you start without the braid?

  • toe

    how do you remove the coating off the hair?

  • http://gravatar.com/niceblacklady Mona

    I love my twists, but my scalp has been itching and flaking like crazy since I had them in. I’ve been searching the internet for a cure. I never thought that it may be the Marley hair causing the issue. I will definitely research this more. Thanks!

  • Shay

    You twist at the roots instead of braid instead, its harder to do and make it look good but does make it easier to blend your hair and take down but im lazy and do braided roots

  • Crystal

    jsyk, the last picture is NOT of senegalese twists….they are yarn braids.

    the young lady in the last picture is yarrahs-life.tumblr.com

    she shows on her blog a page with details on how she did her yarn braids.

  • Ashley

    Soak the hair in apple cider vinegar

  • http://aol vanessa

    Hii ladies i need help its been a year and a half since ive big chopped and i have a fine thick curly hair and need some help on what material would go well with my hair texture i want to get the senegalese twist done for the fall so i dont have to worry about my hair too much as a junior in high school and also are there any places where i can get them done in brooklyn queens r manhattan thanks alot

  • http://don'thaveone Xcinteria Tolen

    How do you do senegalese twist.

  • http://sincerelyambernicole.blogspot.com Amber N. Thomas

    I’m the girl in the upper right corner (more specifically, page 3) with the twists done in a bun. They are actually Havana Twists done with Havana Hair from FingerComber.com. I did my hair myself… I’m @iamambernthomas on instagram and twitter. Thanks for the feature, CoCo and Creme, even though I had no idea about it until it was all over Pinterest. LOL Happy Holidays Gals :-)

  • http://www.types-of-braids.com/ FridaKahlo

    Definitely box braids, I love them very much. I have short hair now, but I loved to braid my hair

  • TINA W

    I love the twists. I am finicky and I don’t wear the same hairstyle long, I just want twists for about 2 weeks. So I think the twists are more for me especially since they are easy to take down. Here’s my concern…if you have soft thin hair can one wear the thicker twists without worrying about them falling out??? I’ve had braids just fall on the floor and someone bring it to me…so embarrassing!

  • Jada

    Janet Jacksons braids look horrible in that picture.

  • shawna

    #8 ‘s arm. smh

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