There are few women who cannot attest to being teased growing up. As a child, such taunting may have elicited tears and embarrassment but as most of us grow older, we learn to make peace with the body part that caused so much strife when we were younger.

As celebrities like Rihanna and Tyra Banks have experienced, teasing can continue way beyond the adolescent years. Fans, critics and some media have made fun of the two ladies for their big foreheads relentlessly. In fact, the teasing is so commonplace, it’s almost expected.

Therefore, it’s super empowering to see both ladies recently embracing and flaunting their large foreheads on social media, in their own unique ways.

Rihanna recently posted a picture on Instagram of her standing next to a wall that read, “Mines Bigger Than Yours.” Her caption read, rather bluntly:

“My d*ck AND my forehead! One love”

Shortly after, Tyra Banks published an image of herself in the water, saying:

“I challenge you to a big 4head contest! You know I got that win on lock!”

Yes, Rihanna was a bit crude but we thoroughly enjoyed seeing them rep for body parts which they were previously ridiculed for. By doing so, they encourage other people to own their bodies and accept themselves, perceived flaws and all.

I was teased for my long toes in high school (they look like fingers!) and was so horrified by them, I used to avoid sandals all summer long. Now, I wear my long toes out with pride. In fact, I think they look elegant in my flip flops and peeptoe sandals.

Is there a body part you were previously teased for that you now accept with open arms? Tell us, Clutchettes!


  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    I grew up going to predominately White schools, so I wasn’t exposed to forehead teasing until college (I went to an HBCU in the South). My White male teacher once told me I had an “aristocratic” profile (high forehead, long, slender neck, and aquiline nose), so I was so confused as to why low sloping foreheads were considered so much better amongst my own people. Why would you want a Cro-Magnon forehead?

  • winstrol

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  • Tia

    Rihanna has a d*ck?…interesting…

    I have a slitghtly big forehead,although not as proeminent as these ladies’.I was teased about it sometimes but people’s main target at school used to be my “pointy lips” that was further exagerrated by an overbite. I have yet to meet someone with a similar feature lol…but I have learned to love it b/c it gives me a youthful look

  • remi

    I have thick lips, and i was very conscience about them when i was younger. Over the years as i grow older i have accepted them and i actually wear bright lipstick so they can stand out even more. I also get compliments from guys about my lips.Even If i don’t get compliments i will still rock my lips with pride! :-)

  • OSHH

    my feet LOL them dogs is mine, and I love every part of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee

    I have developed a love affair with my feet and rump. Lol!

  • freeretrochics

    I highly dislike my nose! I think its too wide and it still bothers me from time to time when I take pictures, I just have to become a beast at contouring.

  • Chi Chi

    love it… but please Rihanna, I could to without the explicit body parts…

  • binks

    My thick thighs even at my smallest they are still noticeable. My feet especially being a size 11/12 makes it hard to get cute shoes :(( I still envy women who can go to shoe stores and shop without worrying about if they carry your size or not beforehand.

  • Bronze

    Interesting. If blacks had a larger role picking out hollywood/model celebrities we’d really see who the racist were. Seems whites are more forgiving when it comes to looks. What do they know about a big forehead. Nothing. But walk n2 a black community and you are told you have a bootie chin, tight eyes, bow legged, knocked kneed, light complected, dark complected…not complexion…but complected! Good hair. Bad hair. Red bone. Seems white talent scouts just want you to be skinny.

  • Steph…In Motion


  • Tiffany

    I was teased abut how big my butt was. As a child I looked like I had a hump on my back. And now as an adult I try to emphasize it down but its still there. Just to think I use to be ashamed of my best asset other than my personality, and women pay money for what I have naturally! Go figure

  • vm

    Rihana is just not cute!

  • Call me Tay

    @ vm, aww I think she is a cutie! Uhm, I had to learn to embrace my breast. I developed fast at a young age and was teased by the other girls in my class for it. They said i stuffed my bra, I had implants and they would sit in a circle during recess and talk about me badly, then invite me over to their conversation and subliminally talk about me to my face because of my large breast.