It’s rare that we talk about someone being too thin, unless they have an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia. But Rihanna is experiencing a feeling many black women who aren’t thick in all the “right” places deal with on a regular basis, feeling like they’re too thin.

Speaking with Us Magazine about her turbulent schedule and the nonstop commitments that have landed her in the hospital for exhaustion on numerous occasions, Rihanna admitted that her obligations have taken a serious toll on her physically. She told the mag the night of the Met Ball when she was later admitted for fatigue: “I got no sleep.It’s harsh on your body!”

How so?

“I’m a size 0 — and not happy about it!” she said. “I went way too far. I prefer myself a bit chunkier. I want my old butt back!”

It’s hard to feel sorry for Rihanna when you think about what a gorgeous frame she has as a size O, 2, 4, or higher, but that doesn’t mean her concern is illegitimate. We know how black women are praised for the booty and though she can likely get hers back in no time, not all of us are so genetically lucky.

The fact that she says she went too far also speaks to an issue of Rihanna not taking care of herself—which we assumed when we heard the hospitalization rumors—but her admittance sounds like a much-needed recognition of a problem. Unfortunately she’s only focused on the butt when there are a lot more important aspects of her health that may be suffering from this weight loss. On the other hand, it’s good to see a woman realizing she’s not a healthy size and not wanting to stay there despite Hollywood’s admiration of the size zero minorities.

Rihanna knows her body better than anyone else and if she says size zero is too small then it’s too small, but hopefully she can lay off the blow, the reckless parties, and the media circuit long enough to get her “chunky butt” back in a healthy way.

Do you think Rihanna’s gotten too thin?


  • Erika

    Really? A size 0? She looks fantastic, but there’s no way she’s a size 0. She’s 5′ 8″, I’d guess more like a 4. Just my opinion.

  • Tia

    I’ve never had the “typical black girl body”. I am petite (5’1) and slim.A lot of men have called me “flat” “skinny” and “shapeless”,but I’ve never been envious of curvier women, never wanted a huge booty.
    Also rihanna looks good at any weight and she knows it…but she is def not a size 0

  • Angel Mia Feimster-Montoya

    Yeah, she is not a 0. She’s a 4 at the least. She looks good though.

  • maria

    If Rihanna thinks she’s gotten too thin then she’s gotten too thin and it’s not up to us to judge.

    Her stylist needs to stop telling her that she’s a 0 though lol. Not even close.

  • Cha Cha

    I’m kind of over talking about which female celebs need to gain or lose weight.

  • Sheila


  • chanela

    wth. why would anybody WANT to be chunkier? it’s so unflattering and uncomfortable

  • hehe

    Rihanna is my body icon because we have similar build(I’m slightly bigger with more boobs) and I feel her comment. Honestly I think she was being a little facetious with the size zero comment. I’m starting to lose weight and I’m having my own skinny girl problem with butt lost and my clothes not fitting. Also I don;t think she’s too thin, she looks Great!

  • binks

    Yeah I don’t think she is a size 0 either but honestly it isn’t so much about her size it just seems she hasn’t been taking care of herself like she should based on recent pictures.

  • raah

    her upper body is definitely a size 0. She has narrow shoulders, midesction, small bust etc. Did you see her in the armani dress she co-designed?
    I think her weight fluctuates more in the lower body, as is my experience too. I’ll have to buy different sized jeans, pants, skirts at times but will always fit in a size 4 dress (and my shoulders, bust etc are much larger than hers)

  • Freda

    ”Rihanna is my body icon because we have similar build(I’m slightly bigger with more boobs)” @hehe, we have the same body & she is m body inspiration too!

    I personally love rihanna’s body & I agree with those who said she is no size zero.

    I co-sign. It is really annoying hearing it, especially amongst other black people. I feel like if you are really concerned about someone else’s body, you don’t feel good about your own, worry about your body & your own health.

  • asanda

    i think rihanna has the perfect body but if she doesnt feel comfortable then she shud start takin care of her eslf……i am a size 0 but i love ma body and if i am to gain wait atleast ill still feel great on size2 no more than that……asanda.SA

  • OSHH

    she had gotten really super thin at one point and I remember that dress, this was after her dad told her she was fat.
    She should start taking better care of herself though all the way around emotionally physically, mentally and spiritually etc

  • Tra

    “but hopefully she can lay off the blow, the reckless parties, and the media circuit long enough. . . .” Really? Why would you print that unless you’ve been indulging with her? Anyway, I am glad to see someone with so much influence talk about wanting to be at a healthy weight versus being a size zero and still talking about losing weight or how great they feel at 85 pounds.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    That picture is old, from like 2009/2010. She’s smaller than that now. That’s why she doesn’t look like a size zero in the pic.

  • So Over This Ish

    @ Tia…my body type was the same as yours when I was younger. I was a size 0 and lots of people criticized me for that.

    I believe that as long as a woman takes care of herself, she can be beautiful. I’m now on the “thick” side but I still can’t stand it when people bash naturally thin women.

    A slim frame is perfect for your height. You sound fine just the way you are.

  • So Over This Ish

    I guess because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some women want to appeal to guys who prefer bigger/thicker girls.

    Personally, I don’t understand it either. I grew up in a lower-class neighborhood and most of the guys weren’t checking for skinny girls. They wanted somebody with a ridiculously big behind and big breasts. They didn’t mind if the girl was overweight either.

    It all comes down to personal aesthetics.

  • CK

    LOL! at the “not a size 0″ comments. If you haven’t seen Rihanna in person or standing next to a non-celebrity body you have no guide for her size. You know who was most recently a 4-6? Jessica Simpson. And everyone called her enormous. Also, did you see Rihanna at the Met Gala? Yeah, Tom Ford isn’t putting anyone in a size 4 crocodile custom dress.

  • CK

    Also, I don’t think that she was being faux humble about the size thing. This is a completely healthy way of seeing yourself. If you like being a thin person, more power to you. If you’re unhappy being that size, that’s cool too. She recognized that her size was a result of not taking care of herself which caused concern. More women need to feel that way. Weight gain can be a sign of not eating healty or exercising, but weight loss can also be a red flag for your health. Seeing both sides is amazing for anyone, especially for someone who has that kind of pressure on their appearance.

  • insight

    That’s what you got from the article?

  • http://www.cocoandcreme.com shakeyra

    i thiank she looks great im a size 130

  • Jess

    I understand what she means about feeling like she’s gotten too small. I’m normally a size 4, but life got so hectic for me recently, (work, moving etc…) that I stopped eating regularly. I ended up losing about 8-10 pounds or so. I’ve always loved my shape, my curvy little booty. Now, my butt is flatter, not as round and it barely fills out my jeans. I’m not remotely interested in a huge, Nicki Minaj booty, but I absolutely do like having my old, round shapely behind. Going down to a size 2 would probably make many White women happy, but I’m a Black woman, and to me the perfect body is slim, toned AND shapely. Not stick thin.

  • Gummi_Bears

    Honestly I see nothing wrong with her. I have seen skinny girls and Rihanna does not appear skinny to me at all. She is at her ideal range. IMO she is definitely bottom heavy, even at her lightest.

  • Zelda

    I think she looks fine…but I know EXACTLY how she feels. I have southern black folk in my family and thickness is emphasized. Its like if you aint thick u aint black(which is ridiculous & narrow)…but hey

  • Eliza J.

    All the people who don’t think she’s a size 0, she probably is. I was an extra in a movie once with Jennifer Aniston (who I thought looked like a size 4-6 in magazines…she’s not or at least she wasn’t back then (2005). I was shocked at how thin she was in person (waif like with bones sticking out) and she was someone who looked healthier at the time than a lot of other actresses in pictures. So just because someone looks a certain way in pictures does not mean they look that way in real life. Rhianna is beautiful and I honestly would rather have the issue of being too thin than being too fat but that’s just a big girl who’s been struggling with my weight since childhoods perspective.

  • CK

    That is how almost ALL celebrities are. They look “normal” in photos and film, but when you see them in person they are teeny-teeny-tiny. Bone thin. In my line of work I get to see celebrites (RARELY do I interact with them) in person and its really shocking how thin they are. I think that its hilarous that magazines, etc. ask them about their health and working out. Its clear to anyone with eyes that they aren’t healthy, they just don’t eat. Health is not what is on their minds, staying as thin as possible without looking anorexic is what they strive for. Nobody wants the eating disorder stamp.