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Over the weekend, Kanye West readily admitted #I’mOnMySnob when he went on a rant about the horrible men’s fashion the wanna-be clothing designer extraordinaire encountered rolling though NYC. As snobbish as it was to call out some of the fashion we see men wear on a day-to-day we have to agree with most of his choices—although we would’ve liked to see him add matching your girlfriend’s outfit three nights in a row for dinner dates to the list. #IJS

Though we do remember a time when Kanye made the preppy boy sweater/blazer look popular when he first came out, we’re pretty sure he never committed any of these violations. He better make sure he never does either after putting these looks on blast. Here’s a look at the menswear Ye hates to see—and most of us too.

Which looks do you agree are bad which do you give a pass?

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  • Jess

    I think the only things that I really hate in men’s fashion are:

    1. sweat pants/jogging pants (they are for the gym only!)
    2. pants that are hanging off their asses!!

    I can not stand sagging pants on any grown ass man. Other than that, I would be fine with pretty much everything on your list. I love guys who already have a personal sense of style which is reflected in how they throw an ensemble together. Individuality is so hot to me.

  • http://deedeeonduty.blogspot.com/ Dee

    Agree with Jess

  • binks

    Amen Jess! Especially #2. But the list isn’t bad when done right. Kayne West needs to have a seat.

  • Elle

    I’m sorry but none of the fashion choices mentionned in this article offend me (they may not be the best or most refined choices but eh..), however I find Kanye’s style DESPICABLE!!

  • minna k.

    Kanye is an idiot. Everything else is a welcome departure from sagging skinny jeans and the 60 year old B-Boy look.

    I do agree with the cargo shorts, and the side burns.

  • minna k.

    sorry guys. I meant to put the 3rd sentence before the second.

    Y’all know what I mean to say.

  • FelicityR

    I am offended by those Airwalk sneakers, though… Terrible!

  • twan

    who the HELL wears button up shirts with hoodies like that anyways? EWWWWW

  • Bridget

    Not feeling # 2 or 5 but I like the hoodie w/sport coat look and cargo shorts.

  • Jasmine

    I’m sorry maybe its my youth but when I see a good-looking guy in some cargo shorts, with possibly a V-neck, either a snap-back or a fitted and some shoes that are not run over…… SMH it’s over I instantly melt ahaha

  • Liah

    Damn Kanye is really feeling himself! I’m not that offended by any of those things mentioned besides the chops sideburns.