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Maxim’s annual “definitive list of the world’s most beautiful women” is a little short on color and variety, if you know what we mean, but there were still a few gorgeous black women who made the cut. This year, for the first time ever, Maxim let it’s readers weigh in on the list and the black women they chose are definitely hot, and not the typical women you’d expect to make the list—in most cases.

Check out the five black beauties on Maxim’s Hot 100 list on the next few pages and tell us what you think.

Who would you add to the list?


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  • Sarrah

    This list is pretty sad.

  • candigirl in dc

    I’m not surprised. However, it’s not like it was ‘Black Men’ and only had 4 black women in it so hey (shrugs shoulders)

  • Bronze

    It is getting to that point.

  • CK

    Does it weird anyone else out that the first 3 have the EXACT same hair style? Maybe its just me.

  • lyn

    Wait a second, I don’t mean to nit pick, but of all the gorgeous black women I see on CoCo and Cream, next to none are included on this list. Beauty maybe in the eye of the beholder, but you cannot seriously expect me to believe that women like Sanaa Lathan, Jessica White, Keri Washington, Gabriel Union, etc, etc were sensibly excluded from this list. You could just browse the archive for the CoCo and Creme website and you would be able to fill at least half of Maxims list of beautiful women.

    I think beauty is universal, it applies to all races and all people, but the fact that magazines like Maxim have such a difficult time coming up with gorgeous black women to include on their lists is a travesty. I am not saying that Maxim should have a quota (that would be insulting and unnecessary), but I am saying I wish people would just open their eyes and look around. How is it possible that of the list of 100 of the women that they consider to the the most beautiful in the world, black women are only .05%.

    That’s insulting. I apologize for turning this into a rant, but it upsets me that these magazines continually perpetuate the status quo. By refusing to acknowledge that there are tons of beautiful black women (and other non-white women) they reinforce the view that white beauty is the norm and black beauty is an exception (i.e., it is a rare thing to find a beautiful black woman).

    By the way, I do understand that this list was at least in part selected by the readers of Maxim, but I think that that only makes things worse. It doesn’t matter if the readership of Maxim is predominately white males, beauty knows no skin color. And it is not as if the reader base of this magazine doesn’t know about beautiful black women, they are on the cover of national magazines, they star in television shows and movies, etc. so to ignore them is beyond ridiculous.

    Like I said, I apologize for the rant, but i have been think about this sort of think a lot lately and the more I think about it, the more upset I get at the fact that mainstream society has such a difficult time accepting the very idea that beautiful black women is not rare, it is in fact common, just as white beauty is common.

  • lyn

    **Sorry, the percentage that I mention above should be 5% not .05%

  • lyn

    Also, the last paragraph should read:

    “Like I said, I apologize for the rant, but i have been thinking about this sort of thing a lot lately and the more I think about it, the more upset I get at the fact that mainstream society has such a difficult time accepting the very idea that beautiful black women are not rare, they are in fact common, just as white beauty is common.”

  • I got sense!

    Lala said herself that she is NOT black so……

  • omfg

    i didn’t know she said that. but when i saw her, i was wondering whether she considers herself black. i suspected she didn’t. she is latina after all, and many of them don’t go for that.

  • omfg

    you can’t be surprised by this.

    white people see themselves as being first, only, the constant, the center…

  • binks

    It really is…smh but not surprised though

  • Jess

    How in the world is Rihanna only #32??

  • Bridget

    Wow, Beyonce didn’t make the list? I’m surprised.

  • Cha Cha

    I remember her saying something about her being a black Latina or something like that (on Full Court Life). Maybe that was out of convenience?

  • Elle

    the just included some token black women so they wouldn’t be an outcry. We know there are many more beautiful, classy and talented black women in the entertainment business. I was just shaking my danm head @ Niki Menaj….

  • Bronze

    she said that really? History has taught us that horrible scandals happen to people who make a point to highlight they are not black. like ole’ tiger woods who said he was calabasian or some kind of madness like that.

  • fly*

    What are you talking about?

  • Dee

    I have learned dating/working with white men, what they like in white women varies compared to what they like in black women. The women of color they selected fits what they like in black women.

  • Espanola

    She has NEVER said that. She has said that she is Black AND Latina and that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Stop starting rumors.

  • chic noir

    Dee, do you mind adding more detail to your comment?

  • tj

    She has said on numerous occasions that she is Black and Latina and she does not see them as mutually exclusive.

    SMDH. Stop starting rumors. And stop saying “they.” The 5 Latinas you know hardly constitute a majority opinion. Many of us consider ourselves Black Latinas just as many people see themselves as Black Americans.

  • marissa

    Why are we counting Zoe Saldana? She makes a point to not identify as black. I say stop supporting her and letting her pass as an african american and see how she likes it.

  • lindy

    Actually I read an interview she did in the Dominican Republic and she said unapologetically that she was BLACK and it caused an uproar there or something. You know how Dominicans are.

  • lindy

    And I truly do not give a damn if there were no Black women in maxim or any other White publication.

  • MimiLuvs

    ::sighs in irritation::
    Why do people (and when I say “people”, I mean a significant amount of people of color) seek validation from “mainstream America” (P.C. term for the ‘2520s’)? And it’s validation for any/every thing.

  • Whoa!

    As long as I’ve known, or should I say since I’ve been watching her show on VH1 lol, Lala has always considered herself an Afro-latina and has referred to herself as black numerous times so I’m not sure where u got that from.

  • Andrea

    …but we break our necks to put our counterparts in our black publications.

  • elise

    they all look exactly…well just about exactly the same. big whoop.

  • Thefashionistachic

    Yes doll you are absolutely right. But Maxim is playing up to who is relevant. It has very little to do with beauty. I think Kelly Rowland is smoking hot. I rarely ever hear her referred to as attractive. Jordin Sparks. Yes, girl we can go on and on.

  • http://coco&creme blunt talker

    ms. saldana has made comments over the past year or so about Pres. Obama and black actresses in hollywood getting work. Please go back on read some of her interviews. You will not like some of the things that came out of mouth. She does not relate to the black experience in America at all. She only feels a kinship with the latin culture. Do not support her entertainment endeavors in the future.