Something that varies as much as someone’s backside should never really be “in,” or out of style, for that matter, but as we know from the recent surge in reports of backroom butt injection procedures and even legit plastic surgeries to pump up one’s rear-end, the Beyonce-Kim Kardashian-J Lo Booty has been very much “in” for a long time among women of all colors.

But somewhere way far on the other side of the globe there’s a fascination with a much more petite derriere—that of British in-law royalty Pippa Middleton. I’ve spent about as much time trying to find the backside of Kate Middleton’s sister as I have info on what has made this the “year of Pippa’s bum,” but regardless of any naysayers, admiration for her tiny tush is going strong.

There’s an entire website dedicated to it, an appreciation fan page on Facebook with 22,000+ likes, and most disturbing of all, a medical procedure to help women achieve it: the Pippa Middleton butt lift. Interestingly, like the exaggerated hourglass figures of video vixens like Melissa Ford or Buffy the Body, the obsession with Pippa’s behind appears to be tied to her waist-to-hip ratio as well—although much more proportionate. Last fall, a Miami woman came forward to say she had fat transferred from her waist to her butt which whittled her down to a size 2 and gave her the “body she dreamt of her whole life”—the body Pippa has as a result of genetics.

For those who aren’t as brave or committed to getting that dream butt, there are other alternatives. Retailers throughout the UK have cited  Pippa Middleton “bum envy” as the cause for the recent surge in padded underwear sales in their stores so that women can, at least temporarily, have her “A-shaped” behind.

It’s hard to think of a celebrity with a physical feature that’s garnered this much attention among white women since Jennifer Anniston first rocked the Friends cut back in the ‘90s.

Although there likely aren’t too many black women signing up for this particular behind, one thing this obsession from oversized backsides to slender butts nearly overnight shows is the means to achieve either are quite the same. Whether you’re getting pumped with cement in the back of a salon, having fat transferred from other parts of your body, or wearing padded panties, women are altering their bodies—sometimes permanently—to achieve some physical ideal attached one woman in the entire universe. It would be one thing if seeing Pippa’s smaller butt made women comfortable with their own perfectly proportioned rear ends, but no, ladies are taking numbers at the plastic surgeon’s office to have their bodies altered. If this trend shows nothing else, it proves that one type of figure can be in today and out tomorrow—although black men likely aren’t letting big backsides die anytime soon. Still, it’s interesting how something as obscure as a back shot during the broadcast of her sister’s royal wedding has turned Pippa’s little perky bottom into a huge money maker for the plastic surgery and panty industry within a year, and how gullible women have been to buy into it. You could say this obsession has put white women back in their element  but knowing how these things change, they’ll likely be back worshiping at the temple of curvy rear-ends soon enough.

Is the Pippa butt craze a sign small backsides are back in style or is this just another fad?


  • brandy

    oh, how i wish. too bad, society has made it the norm to push these strange phenomenoms that women are now carrying on their backsides. :(

  • binks

    Honestly, I never thought small butts went out of style…lol But to me, I never got the big deal (no pun intended) of overly large butts. To me the perfect butt is one that is tone and fits “your” overall frame/shape be it larger or smaller. Furthermore, it is not the size of the butt but the shape of it; I know a few chicks with smaller butts that are shapelier, round and higher than chicks with big butts. But I do think body parts shouldn’t become fad, the way YOU look and feel should always be in style!

  • Sheila

    Well said.

  • CE Lovetalk

    What ever happened to appreciating your body for how it is instead of making alterations because its “in style.” That has to be one of the most silliest reason to alter your body. So what you dont have Pippa Middleton’s butt or Angelina Jolie’s lips? Dose it make you less desirable? No! Does it make you less attractive? No! If you are going to get work done do it for yourself not for what you think other people want/like.

  • tight lipped mary

    ita with all three points above.

    the title mentions are small butts back in style… it doesn’t say anything about non-existent. like the pic above.

  • Shaudetta

    It’s crazy to me how the big backside craze went overboard. Funny the butt I had in 6th grade that got me teased horribly and called names like “donkey” is now the preference. I will never understand the obsession some women have with it. Maybe because I always had it and it’s been more of a hinderance (clothes never fit, to much attention, etc). I knew things were out of control when I was asked about three months ago if I get butt shots. My jaw hit the floor. Back in my day that wasn’t even a question as most women’s butts were believed to be natural. It’s nuts that something that some women are genetically born with is now being artifically produced. I wish more women realize that this is nothing but nonsense. All of this just boggles my mind!

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  • Dee

    Not sure how a body party could ever be considered in or out of style? SMH! I wonder how many women of color will be signing up for this new “trend”? Can’t imagine it even being popular. A small rump has never appealed to me. Meh!

  • chic noir

    Girl you know no brother wants a woman with a flatty McPatty.

  • rosie


  • Elizabeth Edmond

    I don’t see the point as to why there are so much fuss about having a big round butts, only that most boys like them.

  • hottytotty

    Love yourself.

  • OSHH

    small don’t mean flat.

  • Mo

    They never went out of style for the population most closely associated with them. Don’t let current media fascination fool you. You better believe the majority of real world white women (and men) are not feeling a Kardashian booty. They consider it fat and unattractive. Most would pick a Pippa butt over a much larger variety any day.

    Now, for many black women (and men) the desire remains for a more rounded rear. I think it is debatable how many find an abnormally large Nikki Minaj bottom more desirable than just a nicely rounded one. One for sure ages better than the other, I will tell you taht…

  • AJ

    Right, so I’m not worried

  • Shea

    booty is booty it don’t matter what size it is……………


    i wouldnt mind a “jennifer lopez”. just being honest. but to be socially correct, “love yourself.” if you dont, who will? :)

  • dhonesty1

    oh please.. ass is ass.. u have some who prefer big, round, square and small.. who cares

  • So Over This Ish

    I have a nice round behind…not overly big, not small or flat. It fills out my blue jeans nicely. I also have womanly hips and thighs to match.

    Personally, I prefer a more curvy look, even on slimmer frames. I don’t know what all the hype is about over Pippa Middleton. Not that pretty and doesn’t have much of a shape, IMO.

    But I agree with the notion that women’s bodies should be appreciated for what they are. I’ve never understood why full lips are only considered attractive on white women or why certain body parts are deemed “in/out” of style.

    When I was in high school, guys would overlook pretty girls if they didn’t have a big butt. Or even worse, they would ridicule them and make them feel bad for not looking like Melyssa Ford.

  • Blangel

    I think the whole fuzz about Pippa is more the fact that that dress fitted her amazingly, cuz we all must admit that the dress fits her great. That is what impacted most of the people (and men) who watched the Royal Wedding.
    Cuz let’s face it, after other pictures of Pippa started to come out, most people would say that she’s nothing more then a simple girl next door.
    So I don’t think it is whether small butts are back “in” or not, but that a nice figure in a nice dress can grab a lot of attention.

  • gmarie

    I think people are now just starting to appreciate a nice toned and lifted behind, no matter the size

  • WIP

    I have had this conversation a few times- Pippa was in the right place at the right time. She’s not particularly gorgeous or shapely. Everything fell in place that day and the dress was on point. How is wanting to be thin a fad? Perhaps I misunderstand the definition of fad.