Vera Wang, the designer every woman dreams of wearing down the aisle, just released her spring 2013 wedding dress collection and the designs are fine as wine—in style and color. Shocking audiences at the debut, every dress Vera displayed was a shade of red, from candy apple reds to rusts and deep burgundies.

Vera titled the collection “Mei Ming,” which means “dream” in Chinese, and the collection is described in its lookbook as “Beautiful dream. The symbolism of Red. Boldly romantic, charming, protective, grand, seductive, sexy. From dahlia to scarlet, crimson and vermilion. A celebration of love.”

The tradition of jumping the broom in a white wedding gown has long been thrown out the window—along with the expectation of innocence that went with it—but most brides haven’t ventured too far from the white color spectrum, opting for ivory, beige, and champagne-colored dresses. Red is a bold color most women don’t even put their bridesmaids in, let alone themselves on their wedding day.

As Vera points out, red is definitely the color of love but only time will tell if women want to wear all that bright, bold love on them for their big day.

Would you rock a red wedding gown?


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  • binks

    Yes, I want to do something different if I ever get married. Besides the traditional wedding dress wasn’t white until recently because back then white fabric was impractical. Back in the day most wedding dresses was some shade of blue (if I remember correctly) so I never got the big fuss over the white wedding dress.

  • omfg

    not totally sold on the idea of marriage. never have been.

    but if it did, i’d wear a lighter shade of green. green is the color of life, youth, freshness and new beginnings…

    the dress would also be knee length. lmao.

  • Babe

    All those dresses without an exeption are absolutely gorgeous. That being said, I would not wear a red wedding dress…I can’t even fathom wearing a beige of off-white dress on my wedding day lol. Nah, in that sense I guess I’m a traditionalist. But give me any of those gowns in white and I will leap for joy!!!



    I think Red is a such a romantic color i love the gowns im seeing.

  • tight lipped mary

    i am not a traditional person.
    as a matter of fact…my fam will expect me to be different.

  • Leonie UK

    Red, Purple, Bluie and Yellow have been my ideal choices for a while now. After seeing Kelis marrying Nas in Green I got the bug even more.