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Beyonce’s got on a different pair nearly every day, Taraji P. Henson wore a floral set to the Think Like a Man premiere, Jessica Alba’s in on it, and Rihanna and Amber Rose have also taken a liking to the trend.

What’s the look exactly? Printed pants.

Just in time for the spring, celebs have been opting for colorful patterns below the waist—from cropped pants with geometric patterns and flowers, to long pairs with skeleton bones, cartoons, and all sorts of combinations of bright stripes, circles, and hearts. So far, Amber Rose and Solange appear to be the only ones brave enough to wear the prints on top and bottom, but it still takes a certain amount of guts to leave the house in just the pants.

You definitely can’t hide in these bottoms which means your whole look has to be on point when you step out in these. The bolder the print, the more subtle the rest of your clothes and accessories should be—unless, of course, you’re going for that wild Nicki Minaj look. Some stars have looked fab in this trend but others need to go back to the drawing board.

Would You Rock ‘Em?

  • keke

    i abosutely would! I am currently looking for a pair of floral print pants at the moment

  • http://wordsbyada.blogspot.com/ Ada O.

    Yes ive been on the hunt for a good pair of floral pants.

  • So Over This Ish

    I’m not sure if I could pull off that look now, but I would have rocked it when I was younger. I’m more into floral dresses because they look sweet and feminine.

  • omfg

    yep. i mostly prefer paisley though. i found some i want so i think they may be mine.

  • http://www.cosmeticdiet.blogspot.com Joanne_

    oh yeah, for sure, they look dope!

  • jazmine

    I sure would I’m n look for a pair:) riri wore it the best!!

  • Gabby

    I definitely would !

  • Jess

    Been on the hunt for a pair for spring/summer!

  • twan

    just a suggestion. would it be possible for clutch to do an article on clothing for women whose thighs rub together? pants with such prints as above only really look good on the super thin women.

    i notice that most of clutch’s articles feature trends/clothes that only look good on women whose legs look as skinny as their arms. i’m not 300lbs or anything but my thighs indeed rub together a bit and most shorts and pants that are trendy right now look AWFUL on me.

    it would be nice to find awesome clothes without my only option being to go down to 90lbs.

  • So Over This Ish

    I’m a size 10…my thighs rub together too.

    Have you considered wearing longer shorts or capris? Sometimes it does seem like clothing options for curvy women are limited.

    But I disagree that only very thin ladies can pull off looks like the above. It can be done with women who have hips, thighs, and booty. You just have to find the right styles for your shape.

  • twan

    that’s the thing, most of the shorts look like underwear on me because of my thighs and butt. no matter how thin i don’t get that “white girl skinniness” i still end up looking muscular or thick or w/e. i refuse to wear shorts unless i get that gap between my thighs or else clothes look frumpy and gross.

    it drives me NUTS walking around and i feel my thighs starting a forest fire every step i take. the fabric rubbing together and causing those little lint balls ruin things for me soo much! i wish i could just get over it and wear whatever i want, but i don’t wanna be “THAT” girl showing cellulite and thigh flab rubbing together.

  • http://lookbook.nu/afrofunk Joan

    I LOVE floral pants and I hope they are here to stay! I did a post featuring a number of fashionista’s rocking floral pants, visit here: afro-funk.blogspot.com/2012/04/floral-ambition.html

  • http://thefashion-mode.blogspot.com Ariane Patrice

    I adore this look, however I don’t adore it on me. I have tried on tons of printed bottoms, from bright florals, to neutrals, to more muted options. I always end up feeling rather awkward and putting them back on the rack. Maybe it’s gonna take a few more tries for me. At this moment, the jury is still out.

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