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Rihanna isn’t the only one who’s about that thug life. This weekend Chris Brown popped up with a nose ring that puts us in the mind of early ‘90s Pac, but while the look was sexy on the west coast rapper back in the day, C Breezy’s piercing has us less enthused—especially since it’s probably a faux ring and not the first time he’s tried this look. Given his penchant for trying new piercing styles we figured we’d put together a list of places where men can rock a piercing that’s fresh and other spots where it’s just a mess.


Ears: This locale is hardly new but men need to learn that this is another place where size matters. No one wants their man to have on a pair of earrings that are bigger than hers—in other words, a small stud or diamond post that’s not too flashy will do. After careful observation, the rule that two (ears) is better than one also applies here.

Septum: Nose rings can work if the man has the overall style to pull it off. Lenny Kravitz’ hoop nose ring totally fits his rocker style and we think he’d look great with a septum piercing too because it just screams bad ass if you’re about that life. However if you’re a rapper or R&B singer trying to do the nose stud in 2012, it’s probably not going to be a good look.

Lip: This is another spot where the man has to be about the overall hippie, rocker lifestyle. Most women aren’t trying to kiss a guy whose lips could possible stab her, but if the piercing fits in with the rebel style that attracted you in the first place, a lip ring probably won’t hurt.

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