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  • Rita

    In no way shape or form is this cute! Being a chola is not a trend it’s something that women commit to and sometimes can’t get out of. It involves gangs and violence and it should not be glorified for the fashion world to breed off it. As a hispanic woman who is not involved in the gang life but has family members who are, this is beyond disturbing in no way is it HOT or the IN thing to want to be a chola….

  • Steven James Scott

    Hi I’m the photographer for this shoot.

    Please don’t use the photos without proper credit.


    Steven James Scott

  • Babe

    Thx Rita for your comment… I recently heard the term “Chola” for the first time and thought it was only a fashion style/statement.Now I learn that there is more to a Chola than her clothes, and that really makes me consider this photoshoot in another manner :)

  • twan

    WOW i was literally JUST thinking today, “why aren’t latinos mad whenever somebody does chola style pictures and makeup?” they have TONS of chola makeup tutorials n stuff and nobody gets mad.

    because it isn’t ALL latinas that are cholas just a small group, just like ALL black women aren’t ghetto and wearing ugly lacefronts like the “haute mess” spread, just a small percentage.