Remember back in grade school when you’d wear your boyfriend’s nameplate necklace so everyone knew who’s girl you were? Kim Kardashian might be trying to bring that idea back in a more sophisticated way after seeing the earrings she was wearing around LA this weekend.

Yup, that’s a K and a W in her ear and we have no choice but to think those letters stand for Kardashian and West—as in Kanye West, her new rumored boo who she was also photographed on an ice cream date with this weekend. It would have been too unnoticeable if the reality TV star simply wore K and K to mark Kimye’s budding romance, people might think the Ks simply stood for her first and last initials, so in true Kim fashion, she made sure people would see these letters and know exactly what they stand for. The question is whether she’s wearing them so we know it’s real, or just so we think it is. Better yet, would you rock his and her initial earrings for you and your beau?


  • Jaslene

    Or they could stand for Kanye West. For some reason I love Kanye a little less now for dating Kim Kardashian.

  • http://www.cosmeticdiet.blogspot.com Joanne_

    totally agree with Jaslene….Kim as always is doing the most for the tabloids and then cries about it when people mention it. she seriously and desperately needs a mancation

  • binks

    Maybe I’ am wrong but is the press going wild over them? Outside of a few urban blogs I don’t see people and other media outlets going crazy over them so I guess they needed to up the stakes…lol But I put this down as doing the most

  • Lauren

    Kimye romance aside, I like the idea and she looks fly.

  • http://dayandnightsocialite.com Ashleigh

    She looks fly but chick needs therapy.

  • Sha_Ri_ta

    I agree Lauren.

  • Tisha

    I totally agree that she needs counseling, to be so in love with Kanye at this point means you never loved your husband in the first place.

  • ed

    Better than a tatoo!!!