• Pamela

    freakin mess….

  • OSHH

    A ringlin bros and barnum and baily mess!!!!

  • Sagehen

    Ditto@ OSHH. Looks like she’s about to get on a high wire. She is a pretty and talented woman, and it pains me to see her seem like she is “trying too hard” with the overtly sexy looks. It’s like that’s all she thinks she has going for herself.

  • Bronze

    This no talent no sining chick has been given more passes than the law allows. I tell with with certainty that she put this look together. This is all her doing. No talent. No singing. No fashion. No no NOOOOO.

  • Whoa!

    OMG, does she have house slippers on??!! Please let her just be getting ready and,like a hoodrat, thought it would be cute to take a quick pic with them on. She might as well just perform in Chinese slippers to complete her look….

  • kidole

    why even ask??

  • http://dayandnightsocialite.com Ashleigh

    Need an option for hot mess. This goes beyond.

  • Bronze

    LMAO….. OK!!!! As in Beyond Beyond. She look 3X’s crazy.

  • brandy

    what the flying f*ck?