Last week’s reveal of Beyoncé’s tumblr had all the members of the Beyhive spending hours looking through candid photos of fun, stylish, romantic and emotional moments in Bey’s life.

Most of all, Beyonce’s new Tumblr is like a fashion photobook filled with inspiration. Here are a few things we learned about Mrs. Carter’s fashions and beauty influences:

  • Nikki

    #6 – Just be you, enjoy being you, it is your life & have fun!!!

  • Duh

    Wait, so you needed to see Beyonce do this in order to get the point? Honey, if you’ve been born with the gift of style, then you wouldnt need this to “guide you”. Besides, her blog is a low-key form of PR. How do you explain all those truly candid paparrazi shots with her hair looking like a hot mess? She NEVER looks like her tumblr images in her daily endeavors.

  • Annait

    @Dun, Why do you have to have such an attitude? Don’t be mad because you sound like you are jealous of Beyonce. I bet you don’t look that great on a daily basis. You make me laugh . . .IGNORANT.

  • Nikki

    @Duh, no I do not need Beyonce’s blog to figure it out. But it is what life is all about. Try it sometime.

  • bohemia

    I’m with you Duh & Nikki…In actuality,many of the blogs on Tumblr virtually do the same.I’ve been on Tumblr for 3 years now and what she is posting is not very revolutionary or much different from the thousands of bloggers on Tumblr….style is inborn sense of freedom from isms and not manufactured.

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  • Jaslene

    I want to see what she looks like under that weave.

  • mavericks66

    How about she eats fresh fruit and veggies regularly… That’s a beauty tip more folks need..

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