He’s one of the biggest rappers in the game in more ways than one. Miami bred rapper Rick Ross is probably one of the first artists since the late Notorious B.I.G. to truly embrace the phrase “Black and ugly as ever.” Everywhere you turn Ross is flaunting his big boy look complete with a thick beard and a big belly, on a big body, covered with tats on tats on tats. There’s no doubt that Rick Ross makes music that the ladies (and the music charts) love, but do the ladies actually love him? Other than groupies looking for the proverbial Golden Broken Condom, are there really any normal, everyday women who would actually date Rick Ross? Actress Elise Neal has been linked to Ross in the past and believe it or not I would actually date Rick Ross.

Yes I just admitted that in a national forum.

Rick Ross’ unapologetic confidence is sexy. There are men literally more than half his size that are not half as confident as Ross is in their own skin. It’s this confidence that makes him attractive to me and I’m sure a few other women out there hiding in the shadows. Sure he could probably use a bra and stand to lose more than a few, but his personality is definitely magnetic and if I ever got the chance, I would be more than happy to spend my days and nights cooking him steak and rubbing his Buddha belly.

Don’t judge me.

I know I can’t be the only one in these streets who would give Rick Ross a chance, so I ask you ladies….

Would you date Rick Ross?

  • omfg

    rick ross is an ugly, fat, ignorant, thug of a slob. why any woman in her right mind would want to lay up under him is beyond me. there’s not enough money you could give me to find him even remotely attractive.

    i mean, those man tits are awesome. and, i’m sure with his weight he just may have a few problems getting the flag to go up the pole… and the tat of slave master george washington is almost inspiring as the one of lincoln who though he emancipated the slaves, believed blacks were inferior to whites in every way.

    that rick ross is one charismatic and confident brotha…

  • http://www.cosmeticdiet.blogspot.com Joanne_

    i see where you’re coming from and i agree, a confident man is a sexy man, HOWEVER, his smoking, drinking, and thug lifestyle is not the business and that is why i wouldn’t date him, but if he eliminated all that then sure, i don’t see why not.

  • ohnonotme

    I am sorry but Rick Ross just flat out gross to me…I would not screw him if I had Katt Stacks cooter…

  • AJBeezy

    I don’t think I like the persona that Rick Ross represents. and that would keep me from dating him. but I think he is sexxxxyy. I like the confidence, I like big guys, I like the tats, I love the beard! and lets face it, I’m always cold. I feel like he’s probably always warm, so we would make a good match!

  • Nicole

    Ugh… I would DATE him.

  • lady.


    even if it wasn’t serious. i am just soooooo attracted to him <3<3

  • Tina Prout

    Uhhh- H E L L N A H !!!!!!!!

  • Raina

    BARF!!!!….he grosses me out in more ways than one.
    Someone who makes a living out of screaming/ cursing over nauseating beats, who flauts his “lifestyle” and has women gyrating on him in videos is not remotely attractive to me.

  • binks

    Honestly my knee jerk reaction is no because personally he isn’t my type physically but who knows maybe he is an absolute sweetheart with a great personality and jis confidence is a plus and that would change my mind but like mention his lifestyle is a turn off..so my answer isn’t a definate no but maybe…

  • LAD86

    He’s everything I am not attracted to.






  • Nikks

    I don’t find him appealing in that way. I do find his confidence and ‘boss’ mentality a little sexy and I’d want to be around more people like that.

  • Lauren

    I agree that his confidence is very sexy, and I like his music. However, physically, he’s sloppy. His boobs are bigger than mine. I can’t…

  • Jaslene

    His beard looks like matted pubic hair. No I wouldn’t. I’ve seen him without those sunglasses and he looks a hot mess.

  • Cha Cha

    Ew. No.

  • lala

    Not in a million years not even for 100 million dollars. Why ? Not because of his apperances but he gives off the vibe that of being someone who mistreats women. I d be scardes as hell sitting across that table.

  • Rozayheartbeat

    Ricky Rozay???? Hmmm… let me think , I would date him you know why beyond his thug life mentality or his weight ( Could lose a few pounds ) He is still some what attractive .
    His confidence and Swagg over rules everything else! The Man is a Man because he is “REAL”.
    He is successful and driven . I go for mind over matter , so let’s just say I’m Attracted by his mind !
    So My Answer is YES !

  • Kim

    His weight may be a deciding factor for some, but I’d have to get to know him.. He’s not “my type” but I wouldnt look at him and write him off. His lyrics and music do get to me though.. I love his style & confidence..

  • a.s.

    HELL F#@&&%! NO!!! What the &*$$ are you smoking? The lifestyle and Bull are a major turn off. Everything abt. him is too much — and not in a good way; can’t see getting with him.

  • Nope!


    I would never date a man with a honkey slave owner tattooed on his chest. WTF?!?

  • s

    Didn’t think this was a serious question at first…well hmm let me see
    Physically: he looks one meal away from a coronary failure of some kind.

    Personality: Of course i dont know him personally but artists always say they express themselves through their music and speak what is on his mind. I have heard a few of his songs and quite frankly his mind is just as unappealing as he looks.

    Emotionally, he may have something to offer but it is not evident; and i will not stick around to figure him out.


  • flowers1977

    I agree with you 100%!!! I would so date him & have little fat mini Rick Ross babies…lol!! Seriously…confidence is all any man needs to get any woman he wants. His confidence, tattoos, swag & lyrics all play a part in why I would myself would date him too.