Trend to Try: Geek Chic - Coco & Creme

From the runways to our favorite musicians, we are noticing that rocking frames are indeed chic.

Maybe you have thought about investing in a pair of classic, stunning frames, even though you can see perfectly find. Maybe you are in need of a pair of eyeglasses. The best thing about this spring trend is you can embrace your inner geek whether you have 20/20 vision or not

Frames come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles whether it is from The Gap or a designer pair made by Gucci.

Retro Styled Frames are the most popular way to try the geek chic trend. Think 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s when looking for retro styles like cat eye reading glasses and big black box shaped glasses.

If you are into a pop of color, then Colored Frames is a good choice. There are many hues you can pick from such as red, blue, or purple. Color blocking frames are a great way to combine two of your favorite colors into one pair of glasses.

Just like any other accessories, your glasses can have some sparkle. We call this the Detailed Frames. Glasses can be embellished with crystals, etching and cut out details.

Round Frames can be found in almost all high end designer collections. Of course, round frames have been the classic shape for specs for years.

Ladies, there is nothing is wrong with a little bit of geek chic. Would you try this trend?

  • Dee

    This trend has been sticking around since last year. I love glasses.

  • Joanne_

    i love Amber’s lenses! loving this look

  • Robz

    I tried it 4 years ago when it was really hot… I much rather prefer a hot pair of sunnies a la Tom Ford or The Row for the Spring/Summer months and give the (fashion) lens a rest. I do encourage getting a stand out pair for chica’s who must wear prescription lens though.

  • OSHH

    I just wear my Bvlgari and Bellinger framed reading glasses when needed. Fly enough without being a trend.

  • Em

    I can’t say I like the idea of people wearing non-prescription glasses just to be trendy…but the frames showcased in these pics are fabulous!!!

  • JujuGee

    Loving the glasses…..I’ve been on trend for thirty years. They ar ejust catching up.. nerdy chick/ chic

  • twan

    ugh i cant stand this!!!! its soooo overdone. all these wanna be chris brown people ruined it. its annoying as hell and looks like people are trying too hard to make something nerdy chic. lmao

  • Nell

    Absolutely! I am wearing huge white square frames now. Super chic!!!

  • Cassandra

    Great. Now all of us who actually need glasses, and have been wearing them for years, are going to be looked at as trying to be “trendy”.

  • Linda

    @ Cassandra, I was thinking the same thing. I’ve worn glasses my entire life and don’t want to be lumped into a passe trend. I am rocking multi-colored Prada with prescription

  • Alexis

    I’ve been rocking glasses all my life, does that mean I’ve been trendy? Although it’s not a trendy in my book I do love some of the frames featured above. However I must say I’m a fan of the Ray Ban wayfafers. I’ve been rocking them for 2 years now and I simply love and adore them.

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