Bloggers continue to dominate much of the content we absorb today. Hence, why we always make it a priority to give you our top bloggers of the moment. We gave you a list of our 9 Black Fashion Bloggers Worth Bookmarking, so you know we had to provide a list of our favorite black beauty bloggers.

So here is our list of women who are on the cutting edge of all things, beauty, makeup & hair.

  • Keanna

    Can you please edit this post to add links to the bloggers sites??

    • Coco and Creme

      Hi Keanna!

      Thanks for your comment – the post has now been updated. You can click on each blogger’s name to be redirected to their site.

  • hehe

    I don’t consider curlynikki a beauty blogger. Yes her focus is hair and she might dabble in skincare once in a blue moon that does not make her a beauty blogger. A beauty bloger focus on skin care, makeup, and hair. A better choice would’ve been Felicia of

    • Jaslene

      I agree I think she is more of a hair blogger. Usually 99% is hair topics.

    • terla

      She has some great skin care posts too so I would certainly consider her beauty. I will definitely check out though! Thanks

    • The Antifash


  • omfg

    i don’t know if she considers herself black, but i recently stumbled upon a blog called minimalist beauty –

    the blogger is dawn michelle and she focuses on natural/organic beauty routines. it’s closer to my values. is also not bad.

    • shayla is a good site

    • Cia

      I like, she has wonderful tips on organic beauty methods and products.

      @omfg Why would she not consider herself black?

    • omfg

      you never know these days. lol. :)

  • The Antifash

    Destiney Godley and Bisa from Bisa Nation are my personal favs.

  • So Over This Ish

    I really like Afrobella…I also like The Style Doctor, a beauty blog run by a Black woman named Danielle.

    She advises you on perfume, skin/hair care, and what makeup colors look prettiest on ethnic skin of all shades.

  • Angie Wells

    Please check out my facebook page for beauty tips from two time Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist Angie Wells. I am happy to answer your beauty questions and give you all the hottest trends for the season.

  • omfg
  • Erin

    What an honor to be featured with all of these awesome ladies! Thanks Coco & Creme!

  • Sunny

    claire sulmers should have been on this list.. check out her fashion blog

    • omfg

      but that’s not a beauty blog. it’s more fashion hence the title – fashionbombdaily.

  • beautypulselondon

    A fab post! A great resource for us Black British bloggers and followers! I follow a couple of the bloggers featured, but will certainly follow them all now! Of course I will follow you too! :-)

    Love from London, England!

  • full Moon

    I think we should add Folake
    She is an amazing fashionista, and an amazing women. She inspires me!

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  • Whatever

    Even though she hasn’t updated in a year (she got sick), is my favorite beauty blog.

    • The Antifash

      Google moptopmaven, scam.

  • BNB

    Any one know of a beauty blog dedicated to or run by someone with loc’d hair? The natural hair blogs help with hair care but I need some locspiration!

  • Oneika

    Thanks for this list!!

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  • ElleC

    I am a young black beauty blogger! I love beauty products, but recently I have switched over to drugstore brands. You can follow me and read along if you like or just give me some feedback! Thanks!

  • elaina

    I like!

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