Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed; PETA Not Having It - Coco & Creme

Poor Kimmy K. The gal just can’t catch a break (*giggles*). The socialite and entrepreneur encountered a strange attack on the red carpet this past Thursday, while debuting her new Fragrance, True Reflection. While being photographed and interviewed about the new scent, Kim was bombarded by a stranger who covered her from head to toe in a thick white powder, while yelling “Fur Hag!”

Kim was quickly escorted off the carpet by security, as the LA fire department came in to examine the powder to ensure it wasn’t a dangerous substance. Nope, just cooking flour. Off camera, she pulled herself together and was back on the carpet looking picture perfect just a few minutes later. Kardashian joked “I told my makeup artist I needed more powder; I didn’t think they’d bring that much!” The anti-fur activist was detained by police on the scene and later released.

Meanwhile, PETA – who denies any involvement with the peculiar attack – did not hesitate to use the event as a means to reiterate their negative feelings about Kim Kardashian:

“If she presses charges, at least people will be constantly reminded of her selfish, callous disregard for the cruel deaths that she causes by wearing fur.”

“How much better it would be if she decided to evolve and enhance her image by donating her vulgar furs and exotic-animal skins to the homeless. The activist acted from the heart, something Kim doesn’t seem to have.”

“If anything, Kim should get a life, the very thing that she denies animals.”

Yikes. It was initially reported that no charges were being pressed and that a non-criminal battery report was filed the day of the fiasco. It is now being said that Kim will move forward in pressing charges because she does not believe the woman should get away with assault. PETA tells TMZ that they will help the attacker with defense costs if she asks them…

*cues “Lotus Flowerbomb”*

– Chelsea Smith

  • Bridget

    Her security is lax; what if that were acid?

  • tia

    Maybe it’s just me but I thought PETA’s statement about Kim was rude and inappropriate. You can’t attack people just because their beliefs differ from yours.

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