I’ve met a lot of women who are Particular Pollys when it comes to the makeup, hair, and skincare that they use – and with good reason. Chanel this. MAC that. Moroccan Oil this. La Mer that. And that’s all well and fine because – of course – all of these brands have fab products. But don’t sleep on your local drugstore and the beauty bargains it beholds. Take a stroll down the aisles of your local Rite Aid, CVS, Duane Reade, or even WalMart, and prepare to be amazed by all the great staples you can snag for just a few bucks.

What are your favorite drugstore beauty finds? Here are 12 of my personal favorites:

- Chelsea Smith

  • http://www.cosmeticdiet.blogspot.com Joanne_

    yup! don’t sleep on drugstore brands, some of my faves come from the drugstore, i think i’ve tried the majority of products listed here! still haven’t tried the black radiance blushes tho

  • Bronze

    I became a cosmetic snob once I thought I had “made it” but then when I got laid off and used up all my unemployment benefits……..I ate a HUGE piece of humble pie.

    I replaced $60 Dior Nude liquid foundation with Maybellines $8 dollah Dream Liquid Mousse. Coverage is great and I have money left over to try their Dream Nude Airfoam which is great for a very quick application (stay @ home mom w/toddler).

    I have yet to find a cheap foundation primer but the RoC Brilliance is ok.

    I too have fallen n love with Black Radiance products. The quality is amazing.

  • Nicole

    I love St Ives apricot scrub and duo eyelash glue.

  • Ashley

    Whaaat…no Milani products made the cut. Also, Revlons new lip butter line is amazing.

  • http://Theantifash.blogspot.com The Antifash

    Great list! There are definitely some products listed that I will be checking for in the near future!

  • Lele

    Yea, that St. Ives Apricot scrub is good and I like the smell, but I experienced the same thing years ago when I used to use it. I always rinsed well, yet I always managed to find some grit on my body 20 minutes later.

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