Ciara’s back in the studio, on the scene, and gearing up to launch a new project for the summer. With that comes a new look. The singer recently amped up her ombre ‘do by going even lighter – platinum blonde, in fact – except for the roots (which she kept a dark brown). No biggie. But in a recent picture posted by Ciara for her fans via Instagram and Twitter, we couldn’t help but stop in our tracks and think “Wait – did Ci-Ci let M.I.A. tweet from her page!?” The heavy swept-over bang, tousled tresses, bold lip, vintage bomber, and gold accessories were all statements we know we’d seen paired together before. In fact, the entire look has been M.I.A.’s signature for years (Arular dropped back in 2005; Kala in 2007). Granted, both girls rock it well and Ciara looks amazing in the picture. That face!? Everything. Inspiration floats freely in the universe, sure, so there’s simply no telling what prompted this particular new look. But we’ll let you guys be the judge…

Here’s the evidence:

Copycat or Coincidence?

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- Chelsea Smith



    None of you people in the industry can give Ciara her props. Can you? Yall always find something to be negative about. Ciara and MIa look nothing a like. Plus every top artist in the game right now has taken something from somebody else in the game. Stop the blog hate on Ciara.

  • minna k.

    I think it is actually a great look for her. Even M.I.A. has appropriated her look from a different generation, and i suppose that is fine also. I think Ciara is an amazing performer, and doesn’t need to get too gimmicky, but the Vanity 6 look could work out.

  • Ngozi

    MIA is not the first to rock that look and won’t be the last. I just think Ciara is trying a new style

  • A Diva State of Mind

    Asking if this is a copycat or coincidence is a stretch. I don’t see the similarity between the two. I think Ciara is just trying a new look. If you were going are going to compare her to M.I.A., you’d have to compare her to a plethora of other artist that have done rocked a lighter hair color, messy hair look with a bold lip color.

  • LaNeshe

    I see plenty of girls on tumblr with the same look. It’s just in right now, no one really copying.

  • DB

    I think it’s an era look, Santigold pretty much does the same or at least similar look as this. But I will say this looks nothing like Ciara right here, rather Mia X influenced or not I’m thinking this is another artist with the same name or something.