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Willow Smith had us all whipping our hair back and forth, but the 12 year-old singer has changed her tune. Willow recently went for a big chop and cut all of her hair. She’s now sporting a shaved head, but Willow’s new look has raised some eyebrows and elicited outrage. From bad parenting to a bad perm, everyone is speculating the reasons why Willow is rocking a bald head. Here is some of the backlash we’ve heard and what our criticism of Willow says about us.

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  • CuteKinks

    I don’t see the big deal. I’ve seen 3 year olds with weaves and perms, but people are up in arms over Willow shaving her head? I don’t get it. I think she looks adorable with her new cut.

  • Natural Belle

    I’m stunned that people are up in arms about this (where are these remarks being made?) I don’t see an issue with letting her shave off her hair and this does not (in my eyes) reflect on bad parenting! many African and Asian cultures shave their child’s hair for many reasons. I for one had low cut hair from birth to around 6 years old. I find her low cut much more childlike than her half shaved, permed, added to locks and you can see her pretty face now. you are never to young to be BOLD!

  • Lakesha

    I let my daughter shave one side of her head. It’s still beautiful to this day. It’s her being creative and expressing herself. It’s just hair. Who cares? If she decided to go bald today, I may cringe for one second, only because she is my baby girl. But then I would say ok, if that’s what you want, try it out. If you don’t like it, let it grow back. Let’s worry about something greater than a head full of hair, or lack there of…

  • Em

    to me it’s waaaay better then all these weaves,wighs and extensions she had been wearing for a while.I could tell that her hair was damaged and that she needed a cut.I’ve never been a fan a children acting/dressing up like adults, so that’s why I’m not too fond of her tough I cannot deny her drive and ambition.

  • Deborah Davis

    She looks cute…and her new growth will provide her with all kinds of creative styling possibilities! Willow is an artist, innovator and a constantly-changing young lady! Rock on!

  • Melody

    Yes, Willow may influence other young girls and that would be such a positive thing! Maybe then there will be a new generation of girls who do not experience self hate when it comes to their hair as I know I and many other women did. There is so much historical trauma associated with the self hate we feel towards ourselves and our hair and that cycle really needs to be broken! Willow looks beautiful.

  • bald head dont care

    Willow shows more maturity and understanding of the world than the sum of all those backlashing. Your value, sense of self, humanity is too attached to length because as women- especially a black woman- we have been taught that we are less beautiful with short hair. That’s why our naturally curly hair which appears shorter due to its tight coils must be chemically straightened or otherwise pressed. This child is speaking volumes…without any volume in her hair.
    People are so sure they’ve got it figured out. Worry about your own kids- who are probably too repressed to be creative

  • Karima

    I think that Willow loves her natural looks it;s not the hair that makes the person ,it’s the person inside.children who have cancer are also bald do we have to blame the parents too about how they look when they are out in soceity.