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1. Octavia Spencer

The Help star took home a Golden Globe and is Oscar-nominated for her performance as a maid. She recognizes the weight discrimination in Hollywood, and many speculate her award-winning role in The Help is an example of Hollywood’s typecasting.

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  • Jess

    Seriously you added Gabourey to the list?? That’s not curvy, that’s obesity. A life threatening condition affecting the Black community disproportionately, that is not remotely attractive or admirable.

  • Just a note

    yeah, i kind of have to agree….

  • Me myself & i

    I’m with you. She may be “okay” now in terms of her cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels; however, if she continues at this weight she will undoubtedly have problems. She’s not a role model in terms of health.

  • sandrine

    yeah, that would be like calling Zoe Saldana a “curvy” actress…

  • binks

    I am going to throw if out there and say the word “curvy” is being misused. There is a difference between curvy and just being plus size. One can be “curvy” at a slim, thick or plus sized build just like you can be a ruler shape at any size. Curvy refers to the overall shape of one’s body most likely Queen L and Amber Riley would be curvy regardless of their size because it is the shape if their body but just because you are plus size doesn’t automatically means curvy. Sorry for the rant that misuse of the word curvy is a pet peeve of mines lately I do think these ladies are brilliant and should get a shout out for their work but I agree with 3/4 women on this list

  • anonda

    We really need to stop using curvy to describe any woman with some extra weight on her.

  • irRHOplaceable

    Yes, there is a difference between being curvy and being plus-size, but there is also a difference between being plus-size and just being obese. Amber Riley is curvy, Octavia Spencer is plus size, but Gabourey Sidibe is obese. Although Gabourey Sidibe is a good actress, I have to agree with everyone that she is unhealthy and needs to lose some weight before it gets worse. I can’t stand when every obese person calls themselves plus-size. Plus size means although you have extra weight, you are still healthy, when your weight drops below your waist and knees, THAT IS OBESITY!

  • soulfullyreal

    Gabby’s shoes look busted. I know that’s not related to anything, but sheesh, it’s a premier, lol.

    And yes, I’d agree she’s not a health role model in any fashion (nor “curvy” see above comments), but I think the article is suppose to just acknowledge the fact that she made it in spite of her weight which is damn near impossible in Hollywood.

  • LemonNLime

    Really? Gabourey? She is not plus sized she is morbidly obese. There is a difference between curves and rolls. Just like there is a difference between being thick and being fat. These descriptions are dangerous because it normalizes unhealthy lifestyles. You can’t tell me that she is healthy. If she was healthy she wouldn’t be that size. It isn’t attractive if anything it is disgusting.

  • sandra

    im my opinion all these women are fat and close to obesity. beyonce is curvy, so is kim k, ashanti…

  • Nicole

    This has to be a joke! Not one of these women is curvy. They are all fat! The girl from Glee’s picture was extremely airbrushed, she looked kind of cartoonish.

  • Cha Cha

    Gabby Sidibe is not curvy. Even if she was a size 7, I doubt she’d be considered curvy. She has boobs, but I’m sure they’d get much smaller if she lost all the extra weight.

  • TLD

    Geez louise, you ladies are critical.

  • DB

    Plus size starts at around 10 (Perhaps even lower) on up, you are in addition to, so to speak that which is a so called acceptable size based on height and weight. And you’re bound to have a curve the bigger you are, rather people like where those curves are LOL is a whole other issue.

    And I believe a lot of the critique that’s demonstrated here is where people become delusional not based on someone telling them they’re curvy when they are not, and begin to celebrate unhealthy weight/lifestyle to shame said critiques. Coupled with the fact that not every overweight individual is so to the degree that their health is at risk, and not every woman fits or desires to fit the norm of our society. So when someone does not fit that norm, and in this case the examples that the author illustrated I think it is good to point that out.

    Hopefully Gabby will get someone in her ear like Monique did, someone she knows and trusts and believes they have her best interest. Prior to that she was on the bandwagon of making women feel good because of how much they get dumped on, but ignoring a serious issue. There has to be that right balance for a person to want to change, tearing down or ignoring never helps.

  • DB

    woops sorry TLD this wasn’t a reply to your post, but you are spot on!:)

  • Alex

    Um, just putting it out there if your BMI (body mass index) is 24.9-29.9 you are textbook over weight. If your bmi is 30.0 + you are obese. So regardless of shape (although more around your middle increases likelihood of type 2 diabetes and other diseases) if the numbers aline it is what it is.

  • binks

    Well though she is clearly obese she is still considered plus size in terms of fashion and clothes there is no obese clothing but plus size clothing in general, Gabby is just on the extremely high end of plus size, there are plenty variations of plus size

  • Monica

    That’s the same thing I say. Amber Rose, Beyonce, Kandi, Erykah Badu, Sanaa Lathan,Tyra Banks, India Irie, LaLa and Janet Jackson are curvy with nice shapes. The women listed in the article are FAT!!!!!