• Lola

    there’s always been something gross about lil wayne,but this getup takes it to a whole new level!!

  • binks

    A hot mess however I do like how he isn’t afraid to be bold with his clothing but he needs to polish his look

  • http://www.MochaBelle.com MochaBelle

    ….Men and leopard have been a hot button topic in urban fashion lately and I guess he wants to be part of the conversation. He isn’t the only male in hip hop that dresses off the beaten path….

  • LemonNLime

    Is that Adrian Brody next to him?

  • hawkins

    i love the sweatshirt!

  • Osito’sShorty

    I’m gonna vote for a mess. I don’t know if he used a mirror before he headed out or someone probably told him that this look was cool: if that was the case, that’s not a true friend!

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