Ever the bustling enterpreneur, Kimora Lee Simmons will be launching a new skincare line Shinto Clinical. Shinto Clinical, which will consist of nine pieces as its debut, fuses Eastern skincare ingredients including fish oil, omegas, pearl powder, Wakame kelp extract and beta glucan with Western skincare technological advances.

“This line is about their Eastern allure of diet and beautiful skin. It’s based on cultures that live from the sea. The Western [influence] is the medicine, the efficacy, the delivery and the clinical results. That’s why we call this Shinto Clinical; this is really a clinical range,” Kimora said.

Her sassy personality materializes in the witty product names like Pore It Out, the pore concealer and Watch Your Tone, the anti-age peptide toner. The line will debut February 24th on QVC and in Nordstrom and Fred Segal late February, early March. It will retail from $32 for a cleanser to $68 for an, ahem, skin-lightening product.

Are you checking for Kimora Lee Simmons’ skincare line?

-Kamille Cooper



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    The packaging looks nice.

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    I am and let’s not be silly about the skin lightening product. Those products are used to lighten dark spots on the skin, which a lot of black women suffer with from time to time.

  • imarose

    Her should be as good as any!!