On Thursday, Vogue’s new archive site with every single page from every single issue dating back to 1892– when the magazine started– went live. You are able to search the site by designer, photographer, decade, or brand. You also can sort the results between articles, images, covers, and ads. Sounds amazing, right?

There’s just one catch. To gain access to Vogue’s new great tool for researching moments in fashion history, you must pay $1,575 for a subscription. The subscription is granted through WGSN, a trend forecasting company that Vogue partnered with to build the site. If you subscribe to Vogue, however, starting in 2012 you will get ‘select’ access to the site. How much of a discount though, has yet to be revealed.

Hm. Do you think this is a fair price? Or just another way that Vogue has become unattainable? Before you answer, watch the website’s promotional video below:


- Channing Hargrove

  • http://bombshellbetties.blogspot.com/ Dee

    NO! LOL!

  • Lola

    does Vogue hold the secrets of human history in their archives??…I’m pretty sure it doesn’t so HECK NO!!…I’m not interested in the archives even if it were free to consult b/c it is one of the most pretentious fashion magazines.

  • http://afrolistasandthecity.blogspot.com Vonmiwi

    I don’t even subscribe to VOGUE now so why would I waste that much money on this? I stopped supporting my own exclusion years ago. I can see a lot of the old archives if I want to because a lot of the images are still available for the world to see. That’s why I love L’Officiel’s archives because they’re free and just as good.

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