• http://arosenbklyn.blogspot.com/ arosenbklyn

    I love IC Shea Butter Sheen. I used it all the time when my hair was relaxed. And now that I’m natural every once in a while when my hair isn’t looking quite like I want it to, I treat it to spray. It always seems to do the trick. And it smells amazing.

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  • http://musicmakesmehigh.wordpress.com Reecie

    that green can! I was scrolling thru hoping to see it and I did! I don’t use Oil Sheen much anymore (I am a serum or finishing gloss kinda girl now) but my old faithful was that Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil one! I was good for spraying that on wrapped hair right before combing it down. instant shine!

    • Sally Cooper

      Oh my gosh . Me Too Reecie !
      p.s. I just started using it last week and I love it !
      It really good to hear that it helps with growth too . :)

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