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As the Christian Louboutin Spring 2012 collection makes waves across the internet, the obsession with “red bottoms” is crazier than ever.

Yes, many of Christian Louboutin’s designs are artful, stylish and sexy. And his “trademark” red soles, to many, are synonymous with access and a disposable income as the prices run up to $4,000.

But the fixation with Christian Louboutins, as if they are the only shoes of note, has become downright annoying. The fact is several luxury shoe designers offer stilettos, wedges and flats just as delectable as a pair of Loubos.

Check out five of our favorites.

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  • A Diva State of Mind

    LOVE Brian Atwood!! His shoes are gorgeous!

  • Dee

    Love BA!!! But my heart still belongs to Daddy…Louboutin that is. lol!

  • BW
  • C+C

    Same topic – but this piece is more detailed that the piece last year. The latest piece has different options/designers – and you can see a host of designs from the designers. Click-through to see :)

    Thanks for your comment though!