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There is absolutely nothing wrong with following and adapting trends to work for you and your sense of style. But, there are some trends that really shouldn’t see the life of day, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why these very trends are all over the place. What are these abominable trends you ask? Keep reading to see five trends that need to go away, like, asaptually.

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  • Iris_Eben

    Amen to it all Channing.

    I never understood why people want to buy something that everyone else has, especially if it’s an exact replica.

    Litas are played out and those annoying donut earrings to with mini fruity loops strung on them. The leggings thing as pants…people don’t understand that’s like walking out of your house with just a pantyhose on and a top. Not an outfit. Disturbing.

  • Quest

    I agree with everything, except the Uggs. I was anti-Uggs for years, until I tried one on. Then I was converted.

    Grant it, I only wear it while running errands. But they are super comfortable and warm. About the leggings, there is nothing worse than seeing another woman’s camel toe.

  • charlotte

    i agree with everything besides the uggs comment. they are extremely comfortable, plus im not enough of a fashion victim to place “style” over warmth during winter. if people think i look like a dick, good for them i suppose? i will be perfectly happy with my warm feet.

  • Rhoyale

    Totally missed the mark with UGGs. They’re a must-have for the winter…perfect combo of warmth and comfort. Sounds like someone’s never owned a pair…
    Try them on a particularly cold day and I’m sure you’ll convert.

  • Ms. Williams

    I agree with some of these except for the lashes and the earrings. I think that the lashes are part of the “statement makeup” movement. I wouldn’t say get rid of it, but work with it. Some women choose to follow that rule of making one or two parts of your face pop tactically instead of the entire thing. I saw some local lady on one of those DTV shows called mirror to mirror talking about it. Some women choose to accent one part of their face and leave the rest natural or lightly touched. The BBW earrings….I don’t have any that may be as LARGE as theirs, but large earrings in general seem to be in, period. After a certain size, I step back. However, I love a medium to large earring that dangles. I don’t like the ones that are way longer than that. My longest pair of earrings are rainbow leaves.

  • Dee

    AMEN to everything!!!!!

  • Lola

    amen to everything specially uggs!!! they’re just an eyesore!!!

  • Vonmiwi

    Isn’t that what the word trend means, here today and gone the next season? I think of trends as a waste of money so I’ll just stick with the classics that never go out of style.

  • Grace A.

    I am totally anti-uggs. They are FUGLY. yes, I said it. Plus, they are impractical in snow and rain conditions. Wear North Face boots, they are more weather proof, they are comfortable, comparatively priced, and they look good!

    I am in love with the leggings comment. And can I add to that, that I am not a fan of leopard-print leggings, just as Amber Rose was wearing in that pic (or anything leopard, for that matter? But I am sure I will offend a lot of ladies here). They really make everything look unnecessarily misshapen.

  • SimplyMe

    I want to cry in excitement. I thought I was the only girl in the world who was OVER each and every trend you listed. I actually posted a status on facebook about the season of leggings with Uggs. It seems to be every girl’s go-to outfit, which is NOT ok.

    Thanks you!