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Women are notoriously loyal to their makeup brands. From M.A.C. to NARS and beyond, once we find a product we like it will take something major to get us to give it up. However when it comes to supporting cosmetic lines made specifically for women of color, many of us tend to ignore them for the larger and better known brands. It’s time for us to add more brands of color to our makeup rotation, so here are three makeup brands we think you should try supporting today.

Black Opal

Launched in 1994, Black Opal was the first company to release a technologically advanced, doctor-recommended, mass market skincare line for women of color. Designed to address the specific beauty concerns of women of color, Black Opal has created an impressive product line with a wide range of skin care formulas and makeup shades that can make a wonderful addition to your current beauty must haves.

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  • http://bombshellbetties.blogspot.com/ Dee

    FF is STILL a leader in regards to cosmetics for women of color?!? I can’t even find a counter? Who is still wearing it??? FF needs Sam Fine or somebody to overhaul the brand.

  • Keokah Sanders

    Unlike to previous commenter, I’m surpised that Fashion Fair made this list. Maybe it’s just the south, but there are still scores of women who use FF. Most of them older, but I think they get more than enough support. Of course the arguement with FF has always been that their cosmetics down match well to all of the various tones in our community. They have the same problems all the other cosmetics brands have, in my opinion. In general, I’m of the opinion that you should use whatever works best for you regardless of whose making it and who they are making it for.

  • http://www.brownbombshellbeauty.com Amber/Brown Bombshell Beauty

    Dee, it’s funny you should mention Sam Fine with Fashion Fair. He was recently named Creative Makeup Director of the brand. He is already doing fabulous work on FF’s 2011 Holiday ad campaign, and FF will be releasing Sam Fine for Fashion Fair trend collections next year. There was a great piece recently about him and FF in the NY Times (and I wrote a short guest piece on the subject for the House of Mikko blog, too :))

    I agree that the brand needs an overhaul, and it seems that they now know it too. I love supporting brands that support us, so I look forward to seeing what they come up with!
    Ms. Pointdujour, great piece! While these 3 brands may not offer a huge selection of trendy products, they do offer some really great staple pieces that I use personally, as well as in my pro kit. While the product junkie in me can’t help but try every flashy new product and brand that hits store shelves, I do show brand loyalty to those that deserve it. It’s nice to see the “old-school” brands get a little shine!

  • http://www.localcelebz.blogspot.com LocalCeleb

    I still wear FF it’s sold @ Dillards and Macy’s where I live in NE Ohio. Not sure about anywhere else, it’s the perfect color match for my skin, the transluc. powder and the powder foundation. Not sure what I would do if they stopped selling it. I have found that not many lines are a good match for my skin tone.

  • Bridget

    I can support Ebony and Jet but the FF makeup line leaves a lot to be desired; I haven’t used it in years.

  • http://www.facepaynt.com Tonie

    Sam Fine did take over FF several months ago and, will be launching his own line under them in January. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table.

  • me

    I usually see FF at Macy’s I never even thought to give them a try but now I will. I use black radiance concealer and lippy. BR lipstick is the freaking bessstttt… it stays on longer than MAC. I’ll save my 14.50 per tube and spend 1.99 on lipstick that LAAAASSSTTTSSSS!!!

  • http://www.lipstickmixtapes.com Safia Michelle

    I’m a makeup artist and I use the brands talked about in my kit as well as all the more expensive and popular brands. I’m always amazed at how some clients will ask if I use all of one “specific brand” as if everything that brand carries is the best and only product to use. I think as women of color we should definitely support brands that intentionally target women of color, because usually they have products that work just as great on our skin as some of the other more well known brands…

  • Medina

    I just picked up some new Black Radiance products today! I use at least 1 of their products daily. Love their pressed powder, concealers, blush & highlighter!

  • http://www.splendidstyle.tumblr.com Joanne_

    I love Black Opal! I must say though, that until Fashion Fair broadens it’s color range and shows the consumer that there is more to gold hued lips, neutral eyeshadows and berry blush then it will continue to be fair on my radar.

  • http://www.muslimahbeauty.com Muslimah Beauty

    Black Opal isn’t openly available in the UK but Fashion Fair is available in one department store, Debenhams. I remember my mum using Fashion Fair and I loved the deep hues and shades available. Now that I’m a lot older, I haven’t thought to buy Fashion Fair myself but I will now!

  • SassyFrassy

    Wait, what about Iman’s line? She does an amazing job with colors to fit the whole Diaspora (or at least try to) with quality ingredients.

    Also, I know they’re not black-owned but Bobbi Brown and NARS have made a point to include women of color from jump, with both products and models. They deserve a shout out for that alone.