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Nicki Minaj is featured in Glamour Magazine’s October issue with Cover Girls Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys.

The femcee wears garments from YSL, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti and more in the editorial, which praises her for her bold and fearless fashion sense.

In the interview, Nicki explains her love of color and accessories, which she believes “really make an outfit” and makes her feel “made up.”

While Nicki certainly has had her share of fashion don’ts, you have to appreciate the creativity and energy her theatrical style brings to the red carpet, and this fashion spread.

What do you think about Nicki Minaj for Glamour?

  • Bronze

    Fire her current stylist. Enlist the help of Glamour to contract this person who did this well needed make-over. Begin anew.

  • S.Riche

    I like these looks for Nicki definitely a make-under

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  • ShayNayNayNot

    There is nothing glamorous about this creature. It looks like a freak of nature more so than your average groid specimen. Is Halloween sooner than I think? Just dig a six foot deep hole, toss it in and throw the dirt back in the hole.

  • Jenroses

    Two Pictures I Like – The Red Fur Coat And The Black Fur Coat With The Black Star In The Background – I Blame Glamour Magazine And The Photographer For Not Editing Her Pictures Properly : Damn Haters !

  • Amour

    Nicki looks amazing in these pics that tragedy that she wore to the VMA’s is still burned into my mind. I get that it’s entertainment but if I want to see a CLOWN I will go to the circus and I’m too grown for that. Love her don’t get me wrong but it just seems forced her look lately.

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