Tyra Banks is facing rumors of low ratings for America’s Next Top Model head-on. For the next cycle, she is presenting an All-Star cast of favorite contestants from seasons past for more drama, photoshoots and a second chance at winning.

Among the full lineup, get ready to see Bianca Golden of Cycle 9, Bre Scullark of Cycle 5 and Camille McDonald of Cycle 2.

Click here for the full lineup.

Will you tune in? Who else would you have liked to see?

  • http://commentarybyval.blogspot.com/ Val

    In the beginning we believed that this show was really about finding a person who would go on to have a successful modelling career. That belief lasted through about cycle three. So now that we know that it really isn’t about modelling but just about being another reality show it has lost its allure.

    So it might be interesting to see some of these women from the earlier shows again but only because they are reality show alum, not because they have gone on to have great modelling careers.

  • http://nocturneadagio.blogspot.com/ LainaLain

    Yay, Bre! I thought she was already modelling though.

  • Shaune

    Camille looks old

  • Bronze

    Not totally true. Top Model has been very successful putting models in ad campaigns. Sure they may not be Naomi or Tyra but the gig’s pay.

    I can’t name them all but one girl, Bria, is in a hair color commercial, the other danced in a Dr. Schol’s commercial, The red-head lesbian was in a eLuxury campaign, Eugena was the face of one of the models for a mineral make-up cosmetics. Toccora does a series of tv hosting gigs. The real skinny latina has hosting gigs. The Iman look-a-like has been working steady. So, a lot of chicks have gotten work. After ANTM and the training that comes with it, agencies like that they don’t have to spend time polishing the girls.

    sorry 4 the typos.

    So no

  • Anonymous

    I’ll def be tuning in….if I like it. Sometimes start watching a cycle and it doesn’t interest me, so I stop watching. But this one looks promising. I see a lot of ANTM alum in ad campaigns, TV shows, commericals, movies, etc. They’re are doing the damn thing!

  • http://www.limitlessladies.com Sade

    This is exciting! I am an old school ANTM fan! This was my favorite show in High School, so this will be like a High School reunion! LOL.

    I agree with the lady above, that ANTM HAS been very helpful to the ladies who participated. I see them everywhere, especially in lots of print modeling (and anyone who knows fashion knows that is where the big $ is)…I see them in JCP magazines, doing campaigns for major make-up lines, in Victoria Secret magazines, in commercials, and lots of them, you can tell, have a one up to the other models their age. ANTM may be a reality show bases (they have to make their money, its business), whoever, we cannot deny that Tyra also works hard (sometimes annoyingly too hard) at being a role-model for these young women, and doing whatever she can to help them get to where they want to be. She always always always has them on her talk show. C’mon, that’s very sweet of her…all publicity is good for any model! SO stop the hating (lol) and someone please tell me when this will be airing??


  • Mimi

    I agree with Val. I mean, sure there have been a few who have done a commercial here or there, or some who have done print ads and some that are modeling overseas. But none of the winners are household names. None of them have the same cachet as a REAL top model (i.e. Gisele, Kate Moss, Chanel Iman, etc.)

  • http://vivid-liveincolor.blogspot.com/ sun.kissed

    Not sure about this. The promo pics even look bad/cheap, and by bad I don’t mean good. I’ll have to see how this one plays out. Looks like a half-assed attempt to win fans back. Not convinced.

  • jones

    Bianca…with the beautiful long hair? Yes, I will watch…the other lady looks to old….she should be retiring not starting…