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Within the last couple of years society has embraced the natural hair phenomenon one kinky head a time. Maybe its due to the emerging number of celebrities who have decided to trade in their relaxed tresses for a natural coif. Or it could be that the widely popular documentary, Good Hair, is still the topic amongst girlfriends and hair stylists alike.

Long before sites started dedicating their blogs to the natural hair brothers and sistahs were five celebrities who, for as long as we can remember, wore the now-popular loc’d style. Take a look at some of our favorite dreadlock wearing stars who have taken the look and made it their signature.

1. Jason Momoa

The Hawaiian-born actor is probably best known for his roles on Baywatch and Johnson Family Vacation. We were first introduced to the dreadlocked wearing Momoa in Atlantis: Stargate, and have been hooked on the green-eyed cutie ever since. The newest star on HBO’s new series, Game of Thrones, has two children with partner, actress Lisa Bonet.

2. Goapele

If there was ever someone to have hair envy for, Goapele would definitely top our list. Definitely not new to the natural hair scene, the soulful crooner’s styles have ranged from her waist-skimming locs and twists to intricately designed cornrows and braids.

3. Terry McMillan

Best-selling author Terry McMillan (Waiting To Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back) has worn her fiery red locs for years now. Whether taking to her Twitter with off-handed comments regarding the meteoric rise of Willow and Jaden Smith or thinking Rihanna is a “joke”, she rocks her dreads effortlessly.

4. Ledisi

The Grammy award-winning New Orleans native has been on the scene since 2007 but what most caught our attention was her signature dreads, which she’s admitted, has taken seven years to grow.

5. Whoopi Goldberg

Ever since we can remember, Whoopi Goldberg has always had dreadlocks. Whether long and full or cut into a trendy medium length style, the actress and television host has stayed true to her roots – literally.

Tell us, who are some of your favorite celebrities that rock dreads? Would you ever considering making the transition?

-Krystal Franklin

  • Bianca

    can we please stop calling them DREADS! They are called locks!I dont not believe any of them “dread ” the way there hair looks!

  • abba

    Ditto to @Bianca… dreads is such a derogatory term… but as an FYI, Goapele no longer has locks..> Not to take away from when she had them, but she no longer does, please do your research first

  • Krystal

    Abba, as the writer of this article, I know Goapele traded in her locs, however that still doesn’t take away from the beauty of her (and them) when she had them.

  • Bronze

    mmmm…..3 of the ladies are SF Bay Area natives.

  • ayaroots

    “dreads” is not a derogatory term. many early rastafarians saw dread as a positive word. as a dreadlocks myself, i still do. do a little research on the origins on the term, particularly for rasta in the caribbean. guidance

  • http://www.retaildj.com Retail DJ

    the term “Dreads” is not derrogatory, and I am not sure how a negative connotation ever became associated with the term. though they originated in various parts of the world, the term “Dreadlocks” is specifically associated with Rastafarianism, which found its start in the caribbean. the term “Dreadlocks” has to do with “Dread” or fear of God. it has a religious meaning for rastafarians, and doesn’t mean anything negative at all.

  • Jada

    As someone who also rocks locks, to each his or her own when it comes to what they’d like to call them. I know the history behind the word “dreads” but don’t use it simply because it just sounds so harsh and…ugly. “Dread” *shivers*

    Anyway, I love Ledisi’s locks but I certainly wish she’d change up that style.

  • http://nocturneadagio.blogspot.com/ LainaLain

    Damn he’s sexy…

    I’ve always liked Goapele’s locks.

  • zy

    AMEN!!! there is NOTHING “dreadful” about my locs AT ALL. I really wish they would stop calling them dreads.

  • http://www.afroboudoir.com Mads

    Is he the beauty from the old Janet Jackson video (forgot the song)? Loved him in the 90s! Didn’t know about any negative connotation re dreads/locks. My Dad is a Rastafarian and he calls them dreads. My Mum tried to grow locks (and twist my brother’s hair when he was younger) but neither would stay ‘locked’ so she gave up. She was so upset at the time. Good old Mum!

  • Tonia

    No, it was Gary Dourdan in the J.J. video called Again. Yes, he was a hottie!

  • Rachelle

    “Dreads”, “Locs”, whatever you want to call them, these celebs wear them well! As usual, very well written and an easy read. Fabulous Job Krystal!

  • Merci

    So True. People with locs always say locs. I have to always correct people.

  • Bri

    What about Lil Wayne?

  • C in Cleveland

    What happened to Goapele? I loved her 2005 cd.

  • FRankie

    Negative connotations always derive from the media portrayal or the language of the dominant culture. We are impacted by both.

    I call mine ‘Locs’ because whereever I go in society I must have influence. I am not a star or George Clinton who has made a name for themself and are free to be whomever they want. I still get frowns, spitting, holding the nose because people feed into the negative connotations. One day I just got weary and let it go…I’m spending the rest of my days just loving my ‘Locs’ and the natural beauty they afford me. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. Namaste

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