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We’ve all heard the saying “Long hair, don’t care,” but if you really want your healthiest, longest locks, they need a little TLC. Read on to learn why your hair’s growth is at a standstill and how to get results.

1. It’s dirty.

This may seem like common sense, but dirty hair is not healthy hair. Our scalp is an extension of our skin. Imagine what your face would look like if you went 2 weeks without washing it! Hair needs to be treated to a good cleansing at least once every 7-10 days.

2. Heat Damage

Heat damage is no fun, whether it occurs on relaxed or natural hair. For natural hair using a high temperature of heat can give the same permanently bone-straight results as relaxing your hair. And, relaxed hair becomes brittle, dry and breaks easily.

“For breakage issues it’s best to see your stylist to get a trim. Severe damage may warrant a little more cutting to re-grow the hair,” says Sharrell Dorsey a natural hair expert and licensed esthetician. “Combat heat styling issues by getting regular protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments to make the hair healthier and stronger.”

3. It’s dry.

To prevent hair loss and drying, both the hair and scalp need to be moisturized. A lack of moisture causes hair to be brittle and prone to breakage. Instead of using petroleum-based products because they can clog pores, use natural oils, Dorsey says.

“Turn to nature’s best oils like olive, Vitamin E, jojoba, coconut and monoi oils that naturally hydrate the scalp, hair and even body,” she suggests.

4. It’s being pulled too tight.

Pulling hair too tightly can result in permanent hair loss such as traction alopecia, which occurs around the temple and near the ears. It can also result in acne or sores to the scalp, and that’s just not a good look. We already lose about 100 hairs daily, so there’s no need to double this number from irresponsible styling.

5. Overprocessing

Relaxers, hair dye and hair curlers, oh my! Doing too much to your hair at once is dangerous. It’s damaging to hair’s overall health and can result with immediate consequences such as chunks of hair falling out. Be sure to read instructions carefully and to do your research before trying multiple treatments at once and for proper maintenance over the long run.

6. Lack of exercise and proper nutrition

A healthy diet results in healthy hair. “Our diet plays a big part in the health of our hair,” Dorsey says. “Make sure that you are eating enough Omega-3’s like salmon and nuts and drink enough water to keep your internal health hydrated to support healthy hair.”

7. It doesn’t have time to just breathe.

Although weaves and extensions are an excellent protective style that gives you the freedom to switch up your hair’s color and texture, it’s important to remove weave every 6-8 weeks and give hair a break for at least one week.

8. It needs a trim.

Trims are not hair’s enemy! A good trim every 6 to 8 weeks prevents slit ends. Split ends are the cause of stunted growth so ridding hair of that ¼ to ½ inch will pay off.

9. Lack of protein

Chemical treatments and heat damage can diminish between 15 and 20 percent of protein. Each strand of hair is made of protein, so it definitely needs it to survive. There are weekly treatments and others that take place every 6 weeks. Consult with a stylist to figure out your regimen.

10. Using the wrong regimen

You have to use the right products for your hair texture. If you have oily, straight hair, don’t buy a shampoo for brittle curls. Use products that cater to your hair’s needs for maximum results.

-Margaret Francois

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  • http://noirmuse.blogspot.com/ Caribbelle

    Hair grows, breakage is what prevents length retention

  • Nathalie

    obviously…….anyway, great tips esp the one about diet. people forget how what you eat plays into strong hair and a healthy body in general.

  • http://westwax.com Cilla

    Totally agree with Caribelle.

  • justjewel

    so not triming your hair stunts its growth? i better get to cutting then!

  • binks

    Great list, especially number 10! I think a lot of women get so caught up in another person’s regimen who has long hair that they forget their hair might not respond the same way. So always tweak things to fit your hair/lifestyle!

  • http://www.longlivehair.blogspot.com Dasia

    That’s not what their trying to say. Their saying that if you have damaged ends or split ends you should trim/cut them off to prevent further damage, I think they just worded it wrong.

  • ruggie

    great info!

  • Isis

    What about genetics?? Even when my hair was natural it wouldn’t grow. *sigh*

  • http://www.gkhair.com gkhair

    Good advice in this modern world there is nothing better than to look Beautiful Hair

  • whilome

    How long were you natural? You might have done a big chop when it was in its rest period (telogen phase). I’ve seen many a sista say “this is for the birds” because they went natural and didn’t see a glorious afro three months later, when, in all actuality, they might have to wait one year or so for the next phase of growing.

    But, you’re right, some folks do inherit brittle hair. Breakage looks just like “ain’t growing” regardless. That’s why I keep my hair in protective styles for the winter and out and seriously moisturized in the spring and summer. I hope to heaven it gets a growing spurt this year.

  • gg


  • http://godmenandmoney.com ckay

    good list. dry hair, dry scalp is all me. :-(

    regarding trimming, though–all hair doesn’t have to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. healthy hair, on average, grows 1/2 inch a month.
    if you’re going in & cutting off 1/4-1/2 every 6 weeks, you’ll never gain any length. that math won’t add up. Most pros say when you’re growing out, you only need a trim quarterly.

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  • Niecy’s Natural

    I have been growing my natural hair put for year and haven’t put scissors to it yet. The key is to keep it mosturized. I did the big chop and never looked back. My hair is now pst my shoulders and going. ;0)

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  • Jess

    Your hair grows from your scalp, but split ends causes your hair to break off at the end, so even though your hair might be growing, it is breaking off before you can see the growth. Worst yet, split ends tend to travel up the hair shaft, making your hair even shorter.

  • Yinessa

    I have got Wave Nouveau and it is great. I don’t get split ends. My hair grew twice as long as it did when I tried growing it out with braids. My hair is always moisturized. I just love it. My mom just got it. She had bald spots and her hair was shedding. Now it’s coming in thick for once. It keeps it moisturized, the salon only trims it like ever 4 months if i need it then. It’s easy to manage. My other sister has natural hair and she even just uses the products to just moisturize her hair and it is gorgreous.

  • Dee Dee

    I have been told that the medications I take for hypertension and diabetes adversely affect my hair growth and actually contribute to my hair thinning and loss especially around the edges.

  • http://coco&creme.com/10reasonshairnotgrowing Tiffani

    WOW!!! These are ALL very GREAT tips! I know 4 a fact that I am “GUILTY” of @ least 50% of this information! This is such an AMAZING site!!!! ThankYou!!!

  • tamicka

    My hair is at a standstill to the point where I’m being mistaken for a boy what can I do

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