Joy Bryant has always struck me as the carefree type when it comes to beauty, usually going to events with minimal makeup and fuss-free hairstyles.

I can dig that approach because she is a beautiful woman and can carry the look off with ease.

I did come to an impasse upon seeing her at this week’s Coach Benefit Event in Santa Monica. And what I couldn’t look away from were her micro braids.

Though I still see the braided style while out and about, I’ve since grown a distaste for them with the popularity of weaves and the option of going natural like I chose to do. Both those styles seem so current while braids are conversely yesteryear.

Micro and box braids came up in a conversation I had with my mother yesterday in which she decided that getting the style would be appropriate since she wants to grow out her pixie haircut à la Halle Berry. I had to give her the side eye. “Micro braids mom? This isn’t 1999. Please get a weave.”

Solange Knowles and Chrisette Michelle are two other stars who have been switching between natural fros, afro wigs and braids.

Solange even rocked long Cleopatra-esque box braids (the girl group not the Egyptian pharaoh). I understand her desire to bring back the 1970′s, but I definitely will not be trying the trend anytime soon.

Micro and box braids seem so ancient and quite frankly, I am not looking to bring back the Moesha era. Speaking of Moesha, Brandy has always been a champion of braids (even wearing them this year), but she has opted for a weave for the better part of the last two years, giving her signature style a much needed rest.

Even women with edgy style like Vashtie Kola and Jada Pinkett Smith chose to rock braids. Vashtie tried them out last year and stated, “There is something I always wanted to do as a kid, but my mama wouldn’t let me at the time…extension braids!” Jada has always gone against the grain and her hairstyles are as edgy as her daughter Willow’s so her braids aren’t much of a surprise.

Though braids have been esteemed for centuries and were passed down through generations by our ancestors, they’re just not the trend I’m feeling at the moment. When I see women on the street wearing them, it just seems that they are out of touch.

Who could forget Angela Bassett getting her groove back with waist-long braids or Janet Jackson rocking them in the 1990′s? Theirs are the associations I have with braids and though they were hot then, I am not so sure that they are hot now.

What do you think? Are you over micro and box braids or do you love and/or rock the look? Was it a trend that is over and done with now or a lasting hairstyle that will never grow old?

- Faith Cummings

  • MsP

    Please, what a load of rubbish. People should be able to rock their hair how they want and not have others dictate whether its in fashion or not. If braids work for some and not for others then so be it. I wear braids, weave and my natural hair, and I wear it in certain styles because it looks good on me not because its in fashion or what everyone else is doing!

  • Natural Beauti

    I love my box braids and micros if it is the 90′s oh well im a 90′s person. I do what makes my life easier and what i look good with. Sew-in weaves and wigs are itchy for me I never really liked weaves but my braids and micros are my bestfriends, they work for me and thats all that matters

  • Ash

    BRAIDS ALL DAY! I love the revival! It’s so beautiful! Weaves are nice, but I’ve seen so many bad weaves, it’s hard to appreciate them. Also, economically, a good weave/weaver is expensive. Why not opt for the braids? You can style how you like, protect your hair, and be unique. I LOVEEEE Solange’s box braids. These ladies are all stunning in their braids!

  • copelli21

    I am with the pro-braids crowd.

    I’ve never had a weave and have absolutely no desire to try it.

    And for the record, women need to take into consideration whether all that hair they weave in is actually flattering. For example, Toni Braxton is way to petite to wear those big old weaves that look like a furbie just made it’s home on her head. It’s too much hair for her small frame. (just my $.02)

    I think braids are a classic that will never go out of style. But with ANY hairstyle be it braids or weaves, ladies need to make sure it really works for them.

  • df

    it never went away…if you are over it..then noone cares honestly…

    • Ayanna

      Braids of any kind are a timeless and ancient expression of beauty…especially for the Black woman. It goes beyond what’s in or out this year or that. I believe they are here to stay.

  • curlychronicles

    I don’t like box braids on myself..just not my style. I never had micros but I never wanted to take them down so I never opted to get them put in! I might do kinky twists in the future but I don’t have a reason to wear braids..I have reasons not to wear them: take too long to put in/take down, don’t match up with my style/look, cost too much, I change my hair too often and it’d be a waste. I still think they can be pretty on other women though.

  • Ayanna Spears

    Perhaps the style of braid you choose will effect how attractive you are, but micro braids, box braids, braids in general will always possess a timeless beauty for Black Women. Differrent strokes for different folks.

  • Cynthia

    It’s not about bringing anything back. Upgrade ot weaves? nah. If you’re transitioning, you should go with braids. There’s more you can do, and if you’re very careful, your hair won’t tear or break. Weaves are fine, but there’s nothing wrong with braids.

    How you style them is important.

    I didn’t like this article at all.

    This girl is trippin’ so hard. Upgrade to weave . . . psh.

  • Cynthia

    NOT TO MENTION . . . Brandy looked so much better with braids. Those lacefronts she wears nowadays do NOTHING RIGHT for her.

  • Caribbelle

    ummm, is this real?
    If it is, I’m waiting for an addendum. How is a method of haircare that’s a staple in black communities a trend? I don’t understand. Braids were, are and always will be a relevant styling option for many black women, regardless if its done with or without extensions. Last time I checked I’m pretty in touch with society, social media, fashion and the like.

    My hair was not genetically designed to hang straight, however it does curl onto itself which makes braids one of the best styling options for my type of hair.

    I’m shaking my head because this entire article is out of touch.

  • liyah

    i love black hair :)

  • Cassie

    I find it strange that Coco & Creme would let an author post such a negative post. I understand expressing your opinion but some things the author said were just not necessary.

    Adding all these images of different women of all age shows how timeless this hairstyle really is and how there are different ways to braid your hair.

  • Katja


  • rhea

    braids are better than slapping a weave in your hair so you csn pretend you have some. I have long natural hair and just want a break from the wear and tear of styling I will be trying braids.

  • Jamila

    Wow, what a narrow minded and ridiculous post. Braids are beautiful! Every one has their own tastes and should not be judged harshly in this forum simply because you do not like braids. If you do not like them then do not wear them. I am guessing you have a glue in, right? It is fine to ask an opinion of braids, but to bash others in the process is just juvenile.

  • Kai

    I workout 5 to 6 days a week. I am talking full on dead lifts, squats, bench press, db curls, etcc. I either wear my hair natural or wear braids. A weave is NOT an option. I have hair that is past my shoulder blades when straightened and puffy like cotton candy with no pattern.. YES, I said it! NO CURL PATTERN. To try and braid all of that up and then sew hair in ON TOP of that is ridiculous. Not to mention, every time I sweat and/ or try to wash the “weave” I have to sit under a hair dryer for OVER an hour b/c of how thick my hair is????? I THINK NOT! Braids will never be out of style….. not for us women who Kill It in the gym anyway…. And don’t even get me started on when I travel overseas… I am hitting Puerto Rico in 2 weeks and my boyfriend just called to remind me to get my braids done as he did not want me stressing out over my hair NOR missing out on my beloved snorkeling!

  • aziza

    Does anyone know what the difference between box braids and poetic justice braids and micro braids are?

  • t

    I think if you don’t get a trend the second time around just take the hint that you’re getting old.

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