• islandSpice

    Adorable. Cut off sheer shirt, twill shorts, and the bowler hat to top it off. Euro Bold.

  • wow…horrible

    A mess…nothing new or fresh about this look and she looks old.

  • Bronze

    At least it is a toned down version of crazy.

  • lola

    She looks old? Where? Her skin is gorgeous. Those margiela pants and the sheer top are cute. The midriff is risky but her tummy is flat. She looks adorable.

  • Robin Nicole

    Hhhhmmm there is something about this chick that always wins me over…

  • http://mrefrem615.livejournal.com Mister E

    Kelis is the evolution of HORRORBILITY!

  • LaTigresse

    I just love her. Personnally, I would wear the outfit but with flats :)

  • OhMyEyes

    Those ain’t shorts honey. Them’s pants with the front cut out.