Do you know a woman without a shoe fetish? We certainly don’t — and rightfully so!  A good pair of shoes can add mileage to your legs, some oomph to a simple black dress, and best of all — no matter how much weight you gain, your shoe size stays the same! Whether you kick it in sneakers or prefer platform stilettos, a haute pair of footwear can take you places. That’s why we’ve rounded up some shoe designers to help you get where you’re going in style.

  • Bronze

    I’m past the sneaker stage but I do like some of Fever Shoes. But I have one question….

    Those triple platforms are a exact copy of Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes from 3 seasons ago. How do people get away with making knock-offs???? I guess I’ll find out cause Lorenzi’s shoes cost $1300 and Fevers are $250. I’ll guess I’ll tell you Fevers fit cause I just placed an order.

    • Coco and Creme

      Sounds great Bronze! Please let me know! I need details :). Thinking about getting a pair myself.

    • keke

      Yes Bronze, please please please give us a mini review of the shoes when after you receive them and wear them! I would love to find out how you like them, the shoes are pretty dope!

    • chanel

      speaking of knockoffs i saw a lady put red nailpolish on the back of her high heels to mimic louboutins. SMH

  • chic noir

    no matter how much weight you gain, your shoe size stays the same

    this is a myth. I went from 145 to 120(5’9.5) and my foot went from a 8.5 to an 8 and most American brand shoes are too wide for my feet.

    I prefer dainty flats or heels on the low end of high 2-3.5 inches. Kitten heals can also be cute. I hate hate hate those chunky cinderblock looking platforms that most women can’t walk in for more than 2.5 hours at a time.

    Ladies do not wear shoes you can’t walk in. One thing I hate to see is a woman taking off her shoes and walking around bearfoot. yuck!

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  • A Diva State of Mind

    The Fever Shoes are fabulous!! I’ll definitely have to try a pair :)

  • MW

    I just ordered a pair of Fever Shoes- – - we shall see!

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