For Fur vs. Faux Fur: Where Do You Fall? - Coco & Creme

As a little girl, I remember watching my favorite aunt get ready for a night out with her best girlfriends. After carefully primping her hair and face, she would fly down the stairs with sass, take a quick glance in the mirror, and if the season permitted — throw on her floor length, fox fur coat.

I was enamored with her. You couldn’t tell me I didn’t have the flyest auntie on the block when she wore that coat. The way the auburn-colored fur wrapped around her slender frame paired with her favorite red lipstick can only be described as fierce! I always told myself that when I grew up I would have a coat like that of my own. I would also fly down the stairs to check my rouge lips one last time before I hit the town. And most importantly, I would be fierce!

When I became a teenager, I begged my aunt to let me try it on every time I time I went to visit her. Yes, I was too old to play dress-up but I couldn’t help myself. I would walk around her house in the blazing heat of July, delicately stroking the coat as if it were my pet. Meanwhile, she had no central air conditioning. My love of fur only grew as I entered college and started studying textiles. Various colors and styles of fur were a vision of beauty. Since I still couldn’t afford an authentic one, I had to opt for a cheaper faux version, but this did not satiate my need for the real deal. My faux was nice, but the feel was off, the color was off, the weight was off.

I know I may sound like some sadistic animal killer, but I’m truly not. I actually love animals — as contradictory as that may seem. I also really like PETA’s celebrity campaign ads (Taraji P. Henson’s is my favorite), but I still love a beautiful fur coat. By now you are probably comparing me to Cruella de Vil and I completely understand, but have you ever tried one on? Besides, who doesn’t own a leather purse, jacket, or even the interior in a car?! Furthermore, fur was used as clothing, in ancient times, to keep warm during harsh winters! Okay, so now I’m trying to justify my obsession — but you can’t fault me. I love fur!

How do you feel about fur for fashion?

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