• Niki

    Like the hair, not the color.

  • http://masonjarsandmatriculation.blogspot.com Stephane

    It looks dry.

  • Jaki D

    I like the curls and curl. It needs some moisture.

  • Lucky

    I like it but her style would look better with some moisturizer.

  • http://www.alamodelove.blogspot.com Antoinette

    it makes her look fat and its doesnt frame her face. yuck i want that baldness back! lol

  • http://www.alamodelove.blogspot.com Antoinette

    i love the hair tho, it just look like a wig. idk maybe its just me

  • http://NA Cee

    She only get “a mess” vote from me because she still insists on the peace sign in every damn picture. I soooo wished this trend would haev died on Dec 31,2010.