Because our curvy divas need style inspiration, too; we have compiled a list of our top 5 favorite, black, plus size bloggers worth noting. The fashion world is monopolized by the “super slim model type” figure, and now it is time to introduce plus size women who are making great strides in fashion.

Gabi Gregg,

Last year, we featured Gabi in our 9 Black Fashion Bloggers Worth Bookmarking and let’s just say a lot has changed in her life since then. Not only does she maintain her own fashion blog, controversially entitled; but she was also voted MTV’s Twitter Jockey, a job that comes with a $100,000.00 salary (you go girl!). When she’s not interviewing the hottest celebrities over at MTV, she’s making sure to bring us the hottest trends in fashion, proving that style comes in every size.

Christina Brown,

Christina, an editorial assistant by day and fashion blogger by night, is the creator of, a go to site for the latest in black culture beauty and of course fashion. With frequent outfit posts and motivational articles for women of various shapes and sizes, has definitely become a fashion force to be reckoned with. Christina’s style is sophisticated, vintage, chic and always inspirational. She’s a true connoisseur of fashion and proof that curvy girls can have fun too!

Angel Laws,

Angel, creator and writer for the popular blog, is a plus size professional blogger who is taking the world by storm. While provides the latest in black entertainment and news, her tumblr page,, shows an inside look into Angel’s personal life and interests. Fortunately for us, that includes her fashion must-haves. She shares her obsession with Erykah Badu and India Arie, inspired looks, as well as her love for boots, messenger bags, and tribal jewelry. Her inspiration comes from urban and ethnic wear, but ultimately her style comes from within. She is a perfect example of having personal style.

Christina Lewis,

Christina is a creative and bold graphic designer and plus-size fashion blogger who believes in dismantling myths and taking risks when it comes to plus size styling. Her blog,, brings you all of the latest trends in plus size fashion, as well as outfit ideas and inspiration. Christina’s style is edgy, dark and limitless, proving there are no boundaries when it comes to plus size fashion.

Franceta Johnson,

Franceta is newer to the plus size fashion blog scene and already has a large following. The success of is a result of her frequent outfit posts and creative and innovative styling techniques. Her wardrobe is centered around signature pieces that she mixes and matches, resulting in incredibly different and unique looks. Her style is chic, sophisticated, and most of all fun. So, for all you curvy women in dire need of daily fashion inspiration, Franceta is your girl!


  • Jasmine

    Fat doesn’t equal curvy it means plus-size. Being curvy is okay but fat is not something you really want to be proud of.

  • Oshun

    Here we go w/ the “Fat isn’t Curvy; it’s just fat” comments. Can’t we just effing take this article for what it is… which is to prompt interested folks to take notice of noteworthy fashion bloggers, who just happen to be fuller-figured? Damn.

  • binks

    Great blogs, I love fashion blogs in general. Doesn’t matter if the bloggers are are skinny or plus size, black or white, etc. inspiration can strike anyway just apply it to you and your body type

  • deborah

    I too like fashion blogs in general and focus on the personal style. At the top of my list is how professional they are in presenting a point of view. I tend to follow them on other sites. At least one of these bloggers is so unprofessional and insulting on other sites (twitter, fb) that I am left uninspired and shaking my head..

  • Jasmine

    @Oshun yes we can talk about that but in the very title it states the word curvy correct. Those girls have great style and I have read a few of the blogs.

  • MW

    I don’t think being fuller-figured automatically means a woman can’t have the hourglass shape to which “curves” nods. . . .

    And also (in general) we as women (especially of colour) should be less divisive: when it’s usually us against the world, why create even more battlelines?

    In the same way that very skinny people can have high cholesterol and be internally ‘fat’, bigger women may not necessarily be walking health time bombs.

    Born and raised in the West Indies, my mother has never been skinny–she’s still one of the healthiest people I know.

    Since most commentators are not doctors and don’t usually intend the best for someone (without any interest of their own) it’s best we all stop playing nutritionists.

    Being scale obsessed (or forcing that upon someone), for women who typically already have body issues, is horrid: instead of measuring your weight by scale, why not measure your health?

    **Off my soapbox: I only really appreciated this after I begun training for a marathon– my size 6/8’s ass was being kicked on the uphill by a woman at least thrice my size **

    Have you jogged today?

  • http://[email protected] L of Avid Accents

    Great to see these bloggers highlighted. although i don’t emphasize size on my blog I’m a curvy blogger myself. Keep styling on them ladies!

  • Curvy Mind

    I think there are a few other blogs that got over looked…

    Stylish Curves:


    Diva in Deep Thought:


  • Joyce

    Not everyone can get shine in EVERY post, if they wanted to feature those bloggers, they would have. There are thousands of curvy girl blogs out there, were they all “over looked” No, they just were not featured in this short post.

  • Jessica L.

    There is a really simple solution to your problem, don’t read that girls blog, facebook and twitter if you are left so “uninspired.” It’s funny that you’re directing this at someone, but cannot say who.

    I think some of you take blogging to seriously. Not all blogs are there to give a “professional point of view” I’m sure some of these girls just blog for the fun of it. Not everyone wants a professional blog for endorsements, promo & free stuff, sometimes you just WRITE for the sake of writing, and if others don’t like it, well then they can leave your blog.

    So, please ma’am, go shake your head somewhere off of the net, because no one asked you to follow these girls.

  • http://. marsha

    I agree 100% with you! I am soooooooo OVER people thinking that others blog for anyone other than themselves. If you don’t like her blog and you feel uninspired then click the exit button and kick rocks! Your comments and your opinion are so unwarranted.

  • Lish

    Great post!!! Thanks C&C!!