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In the past, hairstyles of the colorful variety were often reserved for the Shenenehs, punk rockers, and Lil’ Kim. Today, it seems that that everyone is getting in on the action. From Nicki Minaj to Willow Smith, hair colors inspired by Crayola are no longer taboo. Although most of these styles don’t transition well into the office — or most conservative places — it’s fun to see hairstyles fit for an Atlanta hair show move into the everyday.

Some would argue that this the over the top trend is ghetto, coming straight out of the hood. Others would say it’s punk, daring, and for a rebel at heart. We honestly like the change in pace. It’s a nice break from the obvious wind blown, blond waves.

While, you may not have the freedom to start rocking a pink bob or leopard print bang, it can be fun to simplify this trend by add a single colorful streak to your mane.

Would you rock a brightly colored coif?


  • Bronze

    In my 20s sure. At 40…..I’d have to get paid that way when the photo is on FaceBook I can show my family how I spent the money.

  • me

    no way… rihanna & nicki look foolish. willow is young so it’s not thaaat bad on her… but the other two? no bueno. they’re way too old for that nonsense. i’m 21 and i def wouldn’t be rocking bright red or pink on the street! i ultimately think ppl look classless with rainbow tresses.

  • Robby

    I would rock a colored wig, but I would never dye my hair purple pink blue or green. Ghetto has nada to do with it. It’s ugly.

  • serenissima

    these hoes look foolish

  • curious

    i’d rock a brightly colored wig. :)
    they can send so many signals, all onlookers with have SEIZURES! [/lamejokes]

  • Magda

    I think artists can rock those looks; it’s expected of them to be eccentric! There’s this Black faahion blogger with pink hair; she looks hot! Her name escapes me though… Will look that up!

  • minna k.

    I think nikki minaj’s doo is very tongue n cheek Jamaica Avenue.

  • chanel

    unfortunately people only use the word “ghetto” when its a black person that does it. when its white,asian,or hispanic people with wildly colored hair then its “Creative” and “cute” but when black people do it then its on “ghetto hot mess” SMH

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