• Joanne_

    red, black, or brown….Rihanna works it! IMO

  • V

    oh thank god!

  • binks

    fresh, so much flattening then the red do

  • Danielle Monifa

    Thank you Lord. I mean she looks good in almost every hairdo she tries- but the red…. Lawd the red needed to go.

  • Sherrie

    What’s with the goofy sunglasses–I prefer classy over a dopey trendy look. They didn’t work on Kanye and they certainly not working on Rihanna.

  • http://www.RealTalk123.com AlesiaMichelle

    Thank you Lord! I hope she is done with the red… I was not feelin the red. I tried to feel the red… But I couldn’t feel the red.

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  • sloane

    definitely fresh…because she was channeling ronald mcdonald with that last hairstyle.

  • http://organicfairydust.blogspot.com Synasthesia

    I think it’s kind of boring. It’s not fresh or a mess, it’s just… brown. (but nice)