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Ericka Dotson, the leading hair extension expert, is here to solve all of your lingering weave woes.

As Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Business Development of Indique Hair International, Ericka has vast experience in hair extension application and maintenance. Her time as a stylist led her down may creative paths. Ericka has had a great deal of experience in creating hair pieces and designing different looks. Her innovative style has been sought after in numerous editorial fashion shoots and runways.

Ericka is the creative force behind Indique Hair. She spearheads the innovative pieces in all the collections and branding methods. Indique Hair International provides the highest quality product and services.

Ericka has put together ten tips to make the wearing of a weave effortless. Following these simple and stead-fast rules will help to keep your hair looking fabulous for longer.

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