• Chaka Mills

    And now as a opposed to looking like a raggedy ann doll she looks like a more tan charlie baltimore :) I love the color still though… lifes short why not have fun with your look

  • Coley Cole

    I am waiting to see how many people will be copycats. Every hairstyle this chile does people follow.

  • Tdavis

    This Hair makes her look very old in the face. In my opinion Charli Baltimore was the only chick i know who could rock the red hair. I pray these little girl dont follow this trend, cause their hair will surely break-off from so much dying. I really believe Rihanna went long long to give her real hair a break. Imagine the state of her real hair from the constant dying and relaxing.

  • http://airindanyell.tumblr.com Erin

    I like the fact that it doesn’t look a raggedy mess like that shorter weave thingy… BUT the color is O_O. She’s such a beautiful girl, I wish she would go back to shorter hair again.

  • Gigi Young

    It’s an interesting look. I love how Rihanna (and her stylist) plays with her style–she doesn’t stick to the same look and get stuck in a rut. Very inspirational.

  • georgina

    She’s kinda like halle berry – cropped styles flatter her face more.

  • http://www.so-ber.blogspot.com Tea

    It’s just better

  • Chimere

    longer hair does NOTHING for her :-(

  • lady key

    It’s a lace front wig which means that her hair was not damaged at all. Most of her hair styles are wigs/weaves so her natural hair is probably very healthy.

    I think this style looks really nice on her.

  • Diane

    I agree – long hair just draws attention to her forehead. It’s not massive, it just looks more prominent.

  • Glamarazzi

    The style and color aren’t flattering to her face. She doesn’t really have nice facial features and her head is rather big and it brings attention to that. She should stick to more natural hues and she needs bangs or a side swoop. But it’s her life lol